Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch


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This game has taken over me in a way the past two have not. I’ve played exclusively in the adventure mode thing and ended tonight having beaten the dude who turned all the characters. I know I could probably just cheese my way to unlocking all the characters in vs mode but unlocking people feels like more of an event this way.

Anyone have any good resources for tips and strategies? The tips in the game are helpful, but I’d love a deeper dive on the characters and some meta advices. I’m not going to get hardcore or competitive, but I’d love a site that can do things like tell me what the differences are between the four dozen Fire Emblem characters that all just hit me with swords, for example.

I could SUPER use this too! The zillion fighter characters are kind of overwhelming, never mind the added primary and secondary spirits & etc.


I can’t offer much in the way of general smash advice. Everyone has the same “moves” as in everyone has up down left right and neutral specials, attacks, smashes, and air attacks. So it’s just a matter of finding the particular movesets and character that works for you.

If you are talking about spirit battles pay attention to the enemy spirit level in the top right corner and what the battle parameters are in the bottom left and choose supports to counter them. Beyond that there is the Rock Paper Scissors mechanic that is pretty evident. Red beats green beats blue beats red.

Thanks, yes. I’ve worked out that much more or less. Just that there are SO many different fighters and they all have different specials, speed, move styles, etc.


Find a couple characters that you enjoy and stick with them for awhile. Get good with them and you’ll naturally learn the skills that are shared between all fighters. After you’ve got that down it becomes much easier to pick up new characters since the basics are all shared. You should also have a feel for other characters special moves since presumably you’ll have played against them a number of times. You won’t be great with a character you never play, but you don’t have to worry about not knowing any of their combos or anything. I consider that to be one of this series greatest strengths, once you are fully comfortable with the basics, you should be able to have fun with any fighter.

Learn when to use the different kind of attacks, practice dodging/shielding, and stay mobile. I think a lot of that comes naturally with practice.

Apparently, I suck at Smash Bros. now. I played the Wii one semi-regularly, but this is the first one since the GameCube that I’ve actually owned. I used to be good with playing any character, so I would just leave it on random, but now I can only consistently beat higher level AIs with one of my two ‘mains.’ Looks like I’ve gotten old the last decade and didn’t notice until now. I hope I don’t embarrass myself playing it against family members I used to beat handily this holiday season.

The adventure mode is more interesting than I thought a story mode in a fighting game would be. A little bewildering at times, often fiddlier than I am wanting Smash to be (leveling up the spirits, changing them out for fights, attaching support cards), and it seems there might be a bit of backtracking involved with no fast travel, but I’m mostly enjoying it. Classic adventure mode is good too. Mostly though, I’m looking forward to playing it in local multiplayer, but it looks like there’s enough single-player stuff to keep me occupied.

As for general tips, I think learning how and when to shield is probably most important early on, and that you can shield (kind of) while in the air too. The high-level meta stuff in Smash gets complicated, but that probably only matters when you’re playing against high-level players which is something most people will never do (though I guess with online a thing now for Smash that might change). I remember there being lots of talk of ‘edge-guarding’ back in the day, but I was never 100% sure what that was beyond its most literal reading.

Are you new to the series entirely?

While I haven’t played this edition yet, historically, Mario is the “Ryu” of Smash. His B-attacks are kind of a template that all others can be compared to. I would get comfortable with him first to get the rhythm of attacking, saves, etc. Then, you can pick individual characters one at a time and it’s easier to understand when you have a baseline to compare to.

Like, Mario’s Up-B is an upwards attack that can also be used for recovery. That’s generally true, but some characters (Bowser, DK) will have recoveries that go more sideways than up, but the general template will look like Mario.

As for the Fire Emblems, a lot of them are pretty much the same, actually. Some of them have differences in how hard they hit, etc, but a lot of them play more or less identically.

The biggest difference between the Fire Emblem characters is that some of them hit harder with the tip of the sword while others hit harder with the length of it. I believe Marth has the “tipper” and Ike is the length of it guy.

Not an expert, but that scans with how I’ve used Marth in the past: he dashes and strikes quickly so it’s best to get him up close to enemy fighters and hack away. Using A+Up to launch and following it up with his B+Up attack works great too. If I’m not mistaken, he’s usually considered one of the better characters to use, but you have to be aggressive.

I like Fire Emblem, so I’m curious to see how they utilize the others. Wish they would have used some lance and ax users instead of all the swordspeople, but I guess the latter’s easier to implement since they can use Marth as a base.

I am here to say/observe that the theme song strongly reminds me of the original Dragons’ Dogma theme (Flying into Free) for some reason.

That is all.

Today was the first day I actually tried spirit mode.

Did the spirits I was getting when I completed classic mode not count toward this, or are they different and unequippable since they were the spirits for the main playable characters?

Pretty sure you can use them no matter where you get them and they’re not locked to any specific character. I’ve gone to the Spirit Board to unlock stuff for Adventure. Some are primary and most are support, so maybe you only got supports and can’t use them until you get a primary?

He’s referring to the spirits unlocked by clearing Classic mode with each fighter, which are neither primaries nor supports - they serve no purpose aside from being something to look at in the gallery.

Oh, sorry, you’re right. You can also get usable spirits in Classic so I forgot about those.

Thanks, that makes sense.

I thought this was a cute video review!

Apparently the latest viral hit in Japan are Smash characters blushing or being embarrassed.

The update they released today nerfed the AI level on new character battles if anyone is having trouble with those. Also changed values on characters but they only say which characters were changed for some reason, not even a +/- indicator.