Supergirl TV show on CBS


I was under the impression that this came along with some not-insignificant budget cuts (but that discussion was muddled by rights-purchasing expenses, so I don’t know if anyone really knows what the final figure is), so kinda assume we’re looking at some CGI cuts and almost certainly some scenery changes (as Supergirl’s hometown suddenly grows to distinctly resemble Canada).

Also, not network related, but it kinda seems like, with where things left off last season, there’s gonna be some story-structure changes as Supergirl/J’onn are “on the run” and hunting for dad while the rest of the team tries to cope at home. I figure that plays out pretty quick, but probably results in some relationship juggling.

None of this is to say that I’m down on the new season–I’m glad the team did what they had to do to keep the show afloat–but if S2 were more or less “S1 redux,” I can’t say I’d be sad at all.

edit: and yeah, I kinda figure there’s gonna be even more cheesy CW love quadrangles now. Maybe Kara is gonna fall for Felicity!


Actually I think with the move to CW they have more budget to work with, as they don’t have licensing fees to also pay. I don’t know how it all shakes out, but I think it will at least have the same level of quality as Flash and LoT (both “effects” heavy shows).


Why not, everyone else has ( including me )

Im sure there will be changes but Benoist will still be the focus and she was absolutely the best thing about the show. As long as they do not mess with her characterization of Supergirl, they should be fine.


I’m curious how they’re going to tie the universes together for the upcoming crossover. Did Flashpoint cause the universes to merge? Or will the crossover require universe-jumping? I’m hoping they’re just all one and the same now.


I hate all the time travel Flash, but the universe jumping is great. You have real consequences in parallel universes but they still let you do fun things where you can see different ways characters might have turned out, etc. I’d be fine with the Flash team just getting really good at going back and forth to the Supergirl universe. Especially if it means they stop using time travel every episode.


Also if it would mean that Barry and Kara start dating. I would watch that on two shows every week for the rest of time.

End-season villain could just be the Adorkablness Cascade created by their love!


C’mon, that’s no villain…


They’ve answered that in interviews if you actually want to know ahead of watching the show.

Spoiler: Flashpoint does not merge anything, Kara’s world is still separate. Not a complete answer, since that doesn’t explain exactly how they crossover yet, but yeah, merging is ruled out.


Me too, Armando, me too.

My wife is watching the last season of Flash on Netflix (I see a fair bit while doing other things).

Mark Hamill made an appearance as, basically, his Joker again.

Can we get a show that is him, Supergirl, and the Flash every week? It’d be like my favorite thing ever.


In case you weren’t familiar, Hamill did a turn in the early 90s live action Flash as more or less the same character (though the two shows don’t share a cinematic universe), the Trickster. His reprisal of the character for Flash 2016 is one of a couple of cutesy nods to the older show (including the fact that the actor playing current-Barry’s dad, John Wesley Shipp, played the Flash himself in the 1990 turn).

I kinda love Hamill in this 'verse, though. One of about 1000 things that makes The Flash one of my favorite things on TV!


Nope, didn’t know that! I still stand by that this is practically the same as his joker, right down to voice and mannerisms.

Absolutely. This was the first I’d seen him in the show. Does he appear often?


So glad it’s finally time for season 2. Sadly, my local CW station is still broadcasting in SD. What century do they think this is? On the other hand, the CW now has a Fire TV app that will stream the episodes only one day late. So, good quality is available legally and with only a one-day delay…slow improvement, but I’ll take it.


I think he’s had two appearances in Flash thus far. He’s definitely one of the more fun villains!

There’s a thoroughly similar villain in Supergirl, The Toymaster. I’m coming around to your unending crossover idea more and more, now. . .

. . . except having the Toymaster in the mix means we probably have to have more Winn than usual, and he’s kind of a weenie. . .


Ah, bummer. I’d liked to have seen a universe where all the DCU heroes are in the same world. They had the perfect opening with Flashpoint, too. Would have even explained why Capital City suddenly looks like Vancouver. :)


Ok, they defintely did some retooling…

spoilers to follow!

Seems like overall the mood is lighter and more in line with the Flash crossover, with the Supercousins bantering with a grinning smile! The DEO moving into the town offices was dealt with a few fun comments by Supergirl, before moving on. but apart from different digs, I’m not sure what else that change signifies on that front.

With Winn moving to the geek sidekick role at the DEO, Kara being more out and about as a reporter and Cat aparrently wanting to “recallibrate” her life (ie not be around much in future), it seems James is the lone holdout reason to visit CatCo. I really appreciate them killing the dating plotline, but it leaves me wondering what role he will play in the future.

Not too keen on the Lena Luthor introduction, but hey, I guess they needed another 20something girl in power role. (what happened to Lois’ sister btw?)

Continuity-wise it was hilarious that Luthor building was tearing itself apart and all the windows were cracked or broken and 24 hours later (!!!) its all fine and fixed up. Thats an amazing construction crew they have in National City!

Lets see how long Superman sticks around. Nice to see him, but I hope they don’t have him around too much…


I believe it’s just one more episode, though I would hope to see him pop up later. I quite liked the actor playing him, he fit in well. I’m extra annoyed now that a show called Krypton exists because it feels like that show’s existence will put the kibash on any sort of proper Superman show on CW. Which is a pity.


He’s supposedly coming back later in the season.


I’m a little surprised they killed off the Kara-James relationship so quickly. I wasn’t expecting it to last - Lois and Clark is a pretty rare exception in the superhero world of a pair that actually sticks around - but I did think we’d see at least a few episodes, maybe even a half-season.

I think I like this version of Superman. Not too serious, which is just the ticket for this show. Hard to say with just one episode but the happy-family chemistry between Hoechlin and Benoist seems to be there. Of course, he’d have had to be pretty terrible to ruin anything with Benoist in it, but it’s nice to see he fits in well.

Pleased to see Metallo. Pretty obvious what’s coming as soon as they used the name Corben early on, but nothing wrong with that. And I’ve always liked Cadmus as a source of villainy, lots of strange and disturbing things they get up to. Wonder how much more Max Lord we’ll see now that there are others filling the role of highly intelligent human opposition? IMDB says he’ll show up in season 2, but not a lot.


Finally got caught up! Lack of internet made watching any kind of TV obnoxious. That sentence makes sense, trust me.

Hoechlin/Benoist were fabulous together. I’d be super okay with a Super Family show starring both, no lie. And splitting the Olsen/Kara love-in was kinda sad, but I will now choose to pull hard for Wynn, who, despite being an enormous weenie, is the closest thing to a nerd in the show.

New digs are nice, but yeah, nice lampshade-hang with the dialogue :) Curious to see exactly what Cat’s doing to get out, but the scene between here and Kara at the end really cemented why I’ll be super sad to see her role diminished. Those two are fabulous together.

And the new villain intro with Metallo was great. His turn as a cop was definite shades of Joker in Dark Knight, and it was nice. The little Gotham callout in the previous fight sequence also leaves me hopeful for an increasingly interconnected DC TV Universe (even though I guess Gotham’s weirdass timeline mean it’s more separated than it might at first seem)!


Wow, it’s so delightful to see a kind and cheerful version of superman. And smart instead of a lunkhead! It’s been a long time.