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I agree. Also his Clark Kent being an admired reporter as well, at least among some, was a nice touch.


Its pretty quaint that being a “reporter” is something to be aspired to!
With the state of the media and its trajectory, a reporter is almost a dead profession. (see Sorkin’s Newsroom. Also, there’s a reason that Jon Stewart was more highly regarded than actual news outlets)


Oh sure. That Kara would get her blank check, then give a rousing speech on why she wanted to be a reporter was… delightfully throwback.

I mean I agree, reporter is a profession that has been greatly diminished, both due to outside forces and internal, but it being a more prestigious thing fits with the Supergirl world. Benoist is utterly charming, and she makes the earnest less cynical tone of the show work. So for the hour I’m watching it’s nice to have that optimism come through in what her job is.

Because, lets face it, we all would like a world where reporters were what Kara describes them as. Where actual journalism was something that companies felt worthwhile to pursue on a regular basis. It’d be a better world, a less cynical one.


Ok, I’ll say it. The shoulders on Superman’s cape bother me.


I like them.


This is such. A guilty pleasure, our local reviewers love it.


Snyder needs to take notes from this. Clark/Superman is not neurotic, depressed and gloomingly dark. He is pretty much the opposite. He is the eternal optimist, who always sees the best in humanity’s potential. In the face of even the greatest of dangers he always sees the silver lining and he does not abandon hope. Snyder doesnt have to go all “Golly gee willikers!” but he needs to find a bit of balance. You have Batman to examine the dark side of superheroism, let Superman be a bit more Clark and a bit less Bruce.


40 year old guy here to state that this is my favorite current TV show and I’m not afraid to tell you all.


Yeahhhh same here, not favorite, my wife watches the affair, which is far superior but I like supergirl better…so uhm yeah


Yeah, I really enjoy this show too. It’s not my fave (which is Supernatural), but it’s always fun to watch how, even when it’s crushingly stupid.


It dares to be dorky and awkward, I’m ok with it, 4 thumbs up


She’s so happy and adorkable, cynics go home


Yeah, this has been incredible so far this season. The scenes with Cat and Kara continue to really tug at the heartstrings, Hoechlin is really killing it as Supes (and they even manage to pull of a “dark gods who we must drive away” storyline without going full-Snyder on us), Benoist is still more-or-less perfect, and Metallo wound up exactly cool as I’d hoped at the end of the first episode.

I very much think this is going awesome places :-D


I have a comic-nerd nit to pick with this week’s episode. I don’t like the way they used the iconic Superman-holding-limp-Supergirl image. In the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, she was dead and it was a big emotional thing. Now it’s being used after she gets mildly concussed by Metallo. I’d like to see that sort of symbolism saved for the really big moments. I know, I know, it only matters to giant comic-book dorks like me. Guilty as charged.


Seems to me that they’re doing a pretty good job keeping the same feel this season as the first. That’s good and bad…the writing is still kinda subpar, but I do like all the characters they’ve been bringing in. I was a little surprised that they so quickly revealed the true nature of M’gann, but it’s just us viewers, not the other characters. I also like Mon-El for now, though I hope he’s not a long-term addition. I’d be all kinds of happy to see him end up in the Phantom Zone as part of that big multi-show crossover that’s supposed to be coming up.

Best bit of this week’s episode was the Lisbeth Salander reference. Wonder how many viewers were saying, “wait, what kind of tattoos?”


I hope they will figure out something interesting to do with Mon-El. I also would like to see them develop the Lena Luthor storyline soon.


I’m nervous about a development I’ve seen teased online (I think it might be in promos or commercials, but I’m not sure). Less worried about Mon-El and Luthor at the moment.


Still very much onboard with this, and seeing Quake’s mom from AoS take another villainous supers turn was fabulous (and good Lord, that woman is stunning).

The Mon-El thing feels like it’s sorta pingponging a little bit down, but if he’s got any depth at all, I’m good with it. And as a J-School grad, I’m a little bit in love w/ Kara’s new editor.


You mean the guy from Cougar Town? I love that guy.


Having shamefully never seen Cougar Town, I had to look that up, but yes! Since JK Simmons was obviously tied up, this dude’s a fine stand-in for “pissy editor man.”