Superman - Man of Steel

That is really the only thing that gives me hope.

Why is his costume made out of garbage bags?

Manscaping. He has to be ready to go to the Shore.


No, he borrowed the new Spiderman’s tailor:

Well, coming after the last superman movie there is a high chance it will look good in comparison no matter!

Do not want. What’s with the Peter Pan trim at the top of the boots? I guess Mrs. Kent had some really big pinking shears.

At least the shield isn’t tiny, and I guess the cape is okay.

I give it a D.

Zack Snyder can bite me. And I love me some Amy Adams, but she is a poor substitute for Margot.

The press release naming all the big films the actors have been in seems a little desperate. [aside: wow didn’t know Amy Adams is a 3 time Oscar nominee. Seems like a short time ago she just starting out on The Office]
Question: Will Russell Crowe eat his way to fill the Marlon Brando part?

true true

Um…it’s been the standard depiction of Superman’s boots since the 1970s?

I guess the zigzag boot tops just looked odd to me flush against the scaley suit.

Not wrong - although he didn’t direct, he’s still exercising considerable control over the franchise - wrote the story, approved the script, and is producing Snyder’s direction.

I like the shot - shows more action and intensity than past Superman flicks, and I have reasonable faith in Snyder’s ability to direct an action flick, especially with Nolan’s contributions.

I don’t like his face. :(

If George Reeves’ face can be Superman, this new guy’s can be, too. It’s really the scaly outfit I’m not digging.

He looks a little better if you factor in the curl:

OK wait, before anyone beats me to it, I’m captioning that picture:

Haters gonna hate.

I just think it’s amusing to have a British actor playing such an American icon.

What is more American than an illegal alien?

A Native American?

Spider-Man and Batman are also played by Brits.