Surviving Mars - Paradox Strategy

I picked this up last weekend but really only had the opportunity for some tutorial-ing.

One thing I did notice was the camera was a bit sluggish but they’ve got a slider for it and cranking that up helped alot.

I tried the F2P weekend on xBox, and it looked interesting, but I only got through a couple of the tutorials before I ran out of time.

And, as is usual with Paradox, the DLC wasn’t on sale.

I did find out that it supports mods on the xBox however, which really had me intrigued, if I could find the time and decide to pony up $50+ to get the DLC.

After a couple of restarts, I finally have a good game as Paradox Interactive (They are a sponsor, like USA, and SpaceY). The difficulty is pretty high about 450.

I’m up to almost Sol 60, and the terraforming is finally starting to see an effect. The map is noticeably greener and toxic rains are falling. I’m about to crash my first ice asteroid into the planet.

They’ve added some interesting additions in the form of smaller building (e.g. 3 hex factories and space bars). The filtering and AI for moving people works noticeably better. Although it is all too easy to forget that you set the filter to send me engineers and year later find all the engineers in your colony are suddenly in one dome.

For the early to mid game the only major change that the Green Planet, gives you is a lot more interesting Planetary Missions, some of which have very surprising outcomes. You’ll need more fuel refineries and more rockets, because the missions are pretty good so you’ll need to assign a rocket to just doing missions.

I haven’t played for so long it’s basically a brand new game.

When did they add rival colonies? I love that feature. Did I somehow miss this addition, or is my memory failing and they were always part of the game?

The 1st DLC Space Race added competing colonies. They added some more types of expeditions in Green Planet which makes them more important. Somehow in Space Race the other colonies were a very minor part, but in Green Planet they tell you China is getting close to a milestone so adds some tension.

Are there opinions on any egregious gaps in the UI/UX that are properly filled by the Workshop? I glanced at it and noticed some fairly simple stuff like “always showing area of effect for buildings that create dust” and the like.

I’ve not used any mods. In general, I use a minimal number of mods, typical 1-3 per game.

The UX was improved dramatically after the first couple of patches, most of the basic resources have tooltip now that show you at glance if you are gaining or losing resources. There is a master colony screen that gives you lots of reports.

It is pretty easy to figure out what makes dust, extractors, rockets landing etc. and what doesn’t solar panels/

A word of warning on the Green planet mods is very much a mid to late game DLC, it doesn’t fundamental alter the early game so if you didn’t like it or find it challenging it won’t make much of difference.

Bought this on GoG in the sale and have one tutorial to go before I start up. Sounds like the new features added by DLC have no updated tutorials? I have the big edition with everything in it.

There is a video on the home screen I believe, and there is a help section on terraforming in the encyclopedia, but no, no tutorial. I haven’t really started terraforming yet, but with the encyclopedia it seems mostly clear. Assume I can figure out when I get there.

GoG has the first colony version (with all? DLC thus far) on sale for about $22.

I’m tempted, but I don’t have the gaming rig really setup yet after the remodel, so I’d rather get it for the Xbox.

It’s a Game Pass game. And there’s still the 1$/3month trial going on. So maybe…

I just picked this up recently due to all the glowing praise for Green Planet and I did enjoy it, right up to the very end. I had a sustainable colony with thousands of people, built all the wonders, researched everything, etc but I couldn’t get 100% vegetation.

Turns out the only way to raise it past 40% is with special events and planetary missions. By the end I had exhausted everything and only hit 75% vegetation. It would have been easy to hit 100% by just waiting for another hour or so and shipping off rockets to the single planetary mission that lets you increment by 5%, but that would have been very boring. I don’t understand why the forestry stations won’t let you upgrade past 40%, relying on those stupid rocket missions is just inexplicable to me. You have to wait 5 days for them to finish then you have to wait a day or two for them to pop again.

I finally abandon my quest to get to the open domes. Getting the terraforming levels up was just painfully slow, especially as Paradox Interactive sponsor (who’s rockets need twice the fuel).

I think it is evolved into a pretty good game, but the pacing is too slow for somebody like myself who micros and pause the game alot. It is a lot like waiting for your space ship to reach Alpha Centuri in the various Civ pretty much a pointless exercise.

I had fun playing as Japan, with their crazy little flying drones. I concentrated on research and always had something to do, but I let it run at 3x speed a lot of the time. Which is unlike me, but really the only way to play this game.

I would rather build infrastructure out, like all the little forestry stations, than just launch and wait for planetary missions. I had nothing else to do. I could expand my population out, but that would have been pointless. I already had a ton of every resource, more money than you can shake a stick at, and nothing to research. I just couldn’t dedicate any of it to making the vegetation expand faster, which was disappointing.

That’s pretty much what I concluded, I’d have to run at high speeds and turn off child birth to finish. I got to the point of getting water, temp, to around 40% and atmosphere was moving up rapidly but vegetation was still in the single digits.

With this Per Aspera announcement I’m wondering if buying Green Planet was a waste.

I got all 4 to 100% besides the milestone there is no acknowledgement in the game that you have managed to hit every terraforming goal. There is more of a todo on hitting 95% atmosphere.

Depends on whether you were planning on playing it in the next year and a half? And who’s to say Per Aspera will be any good?

First time I’ve played in a while this weekend. Wish I’d known how short dome passages were before plonking down my second (and third) dome.

There’s a mod for that:

A couple of ChoGGI’s UI mods appear to be helpful but not strictly necessary. His non-UI stuff is, to me, pretty meh. (Which answers my question about mods from up-thread.)