Sync Save Games Across Two Computers

Could also try a combination of robocopy and Windows Task Scheduler:

  1. Put this into a batch file, somewhere where you can call it from PC #1.
:: Begin Game Saves Backup


:: Generate date and time stamp for backup log file name
for /f "tokens=2 delims=.=" %%i in ('wmic os get localdatetime /format:list') do set logfile=\\some-remote-location\Logs\%%i-backup-your-game.log

robocopy C:\your-game-folder \\remote-machine-name-or-ip\some-folder *.* /S /E /V /Z /xd #* /R:120 /W:5 /MIR /MT[:10] /log:%logfile% /tee
  1. On PC #1, open Windows Task Scheduler and set up a recurring or manual task that calls that batch file.

  2. On PC #2, repeat the above (editing as necessary) to pull the save from wherever you put it. (Or just have the script copy the save files directly into some folder on PC #2.)

Alternative script that zips up the save files before copying:

:: Game files backup

@echo off
echo Begin game files backup
set shortTime=%time:~0,8%
set shortTime=%shortTime: =0%
echo Backing up [your-game-name] directory to %date:-=%-%shortTime::=%-Your-Game-Name-Backup.7z
@echo on

C:\path-to-7-zip\7za a -t7z -bsp1 \\remote-pc\some-folder\%date:-=%-%shortTime::=%-Your-Game-Name-Backup.7z "C:\path-to-your-game-saves" > \\remote-machine-name-or-ip\Logs\%date:-=%-%shortTime::=%-Your-Game-Name-Backup.log

No, symlink is that game where you create a little village of missing links and they grow up, get jobs, get married, and have little hairy children.

OMG the SYMLINK thing worked, I just had it reversed in my brain and needed some extra help in having it explained to me.

SO. What I did was cut and paste the original 273 directory into dropbox, THEN made the symlink in the Assassin’s Creed save folder. I then repeated the process (making the dropbox folder the source, and the AC folder the symlink) with the directory, and it worked!

OMG thank you so much guys. This is SO EXCITING. There were many games I wasn’t playing because of this save sync issue, but with your helped I figured it out. Thank you!

Cool, I’m so used to Steam, with the Deck and PC, I kinda expect all games to save to the cloud without having to mess with this sort of thing, but guess it’s necessary sometimes.

Yeah, there are older games I’m wanting to play, like Rise of Legends, that doesn’t have any kind of cloud sync, so I’ve been wary of playing them if I can’t play them in both places. This is VERY EXCITING. Thank you!

Glad I could help.

Syncthing makes this painless.

Oh man I just learned one thing don’t make me learn another thing. ;)

Also, do both devices need to be on at the same time for this thing to work?

Symlink? Not if you’re using Dropbox. You’re just “tricking” Windows on each device to think that the Dropbox folder is actually the local save folder. So obviously you will need to be connected to Dropbox whenever you save or load. But not the two machines.

Sorry I meant Syncthing.

Syncthing, it’s P2P, so, yeah, both PC’s need to be on at the same time for it to work.

Sads, that’s not gonna work in my particular use case, then. Ah well, this method you taught me today seems to do the trick!

This is super cool to know! I don’t currently have any use for it, but the day may come that I do! I’ve wondered before how such a thing could be achieved when you can’t customize the save directory in-game!

Yes, you too might find yourself wanting to play an older game on two machines without built-in cloud save.

Haha I might! I play a lot of older games!

Fuck yeah, old games for the win! I’m just happy I was able to get Steam Cloud working for Star Fleet II.

There’s no Steam ANYTHING for this Assassin’s Creed game, or Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends, or the 2005 Need for Speed: Most Wanted, for example, so this is GREAT.

So guys, funny story. After all this today, I found out that Black Flag is on the Switch. And it was at its historic low, so I bought it.

So in the end, I didn’t even need to DO all this, but it was a great learning experience and I’ll definitely be using it for other games. Like, I set up Pioneer on both machines and it works great!!

I just thought it was funny that after all that, having Black Flag on the Switch basically solves my initial problem.

Hey Brian, did you actually get the 2005 version of NFS Most Wanted running on a modern PC? I’ve got a hankering for it and I know I have the disc for it somewhere in my house. The only game that did police chases as good as the ones in that game was Midnight Club: LA

I did yes, but I had to find a repack.