Tactics Ogre Reborn - November 11 (PS4/PS5/Swtich/Steam)

I would not be patient enough to recruit all my monster friends without it. A second octopus, two cockatrices, and whatever the divine dragon is called on this run though the woods.

I finally recruited my first beast. I don’t use the Chariot tarot. Well I used it once when a NPC that I was trying to save went down in battle. Man the NPCs / guests are suicidal sometimes. I’m still in chapter 2 - I was about to get on the ship but then i decided to circle back and visit the forest. It was a good choice because i got my griffin.

One of the worst things about Tactics Ogre is how much it spoiled me with its recruitable monster units! Some of them, like the Griffon and Cyclops, are more fun than most of the human classes. It’s like being able to recruit Mutons in Xcom!

Outside of UI complaints I think this is my top complaint with the game. I don’t mind if I fail to recruit a monster but I am not letting a guest die if it’s at all avoidable but they sure don’t do much to help themselves.

I had to restart one battle twice and add a cockatrice loaded up with healing items and put it in the closest starting spot to the guest because they were determined to die charging right into the midst of the enemy rather than towards me where I could provide some backup.

One trick is remove all the armor off Canopous, fly him right at the VIP. His turns come up faster without gear on and he’ll be a very enticing target to pull focus. Load him up with healing items and he’ll buy you lots if time.

I can’t rotate the map, and as a result can’t select a square behind a wall. Does this work better with a controller? And is there a map rotation command I just don’t know?

Got goodies I can’t pick up on two different squares because I simply cannot select them as they are behind a wall and down making it impossible to highlight the square to move to it.

Edit: maybe I can select it using overhead view, what is command for that view? And in that view can you issue commands?

Yeah that view is somewhat important, but I’ve only played with a controller so I can’t help there. It IS the solution you need though. Is it listed in the Warren Report?

Edit: you can review key binding in options- it’s J and L.

Thanks, don’t think I can get to anything under options while in battle, I’ll look it up after this.

Odd I googled just a list of commands for PC and got zero hits.

Edit: btw, I keep seeing at the end of battles I’ve gotten some finishing moves but I can’t assign them to anyone, I assume I’ve not gone far enough yet to do this then?

It’s probably just skills, that level up screen is a bit confusing. Your finishing moves will auto equip once you actually start to get them at weapon skill level 10.

Is it clicking the middle mouse button?

Options=>Assist Features=>Auto Center Selection On automatically moves to the flat overhead view for movement and targeting.

Not sure whether or not you can get to this during battles

Just to clarify, the answer (J and L) I obtained while in a battle when I posted that and thought it was strange that the options on the Switch version have the keyboard layout, lol.

Like others, I’ve been struggling with the start of Ch 3 where you are level-capped at 19. It just took my 3 tries to get through a castle battle w/o incaps, but the Woods just became available again. The enemy mages have area of effect spells that arent yet in the shops. so I’m thinking of going to the Woods and hoping some spells or good equipment drops.

I just went through the woods at the beginning of chapter 3 to see the new areas and didn’t get much of note that dropped. Lots of money but no cool equipment, spells, or marks. Did add cockatrices to my collection so I guess that’s something.

oh, thats too bad, but thanks for the info.

I guess I had a new katana drop in my last battle. It’s worse than my current upgraded katana on my swordmaster, though. Didn’t stop by the crafting menu before bed to see if I can upgrade it to something worth equipping.

Thanks to everyone who answered my noob question. Looks like J/L and middle mouse button both do the trick. Very nice.

Also good to know finishing moves is something I don’t have to worry about. I was just puzzled why I kept getting a screen showing some of my guys got some but in the equipment screen there was nothing to select.

There isn’t any harm to bail on the forest before doing all of the maps, is there? I did around 6 or 7 and I have 1 left, but my guys just hit the level cap. Seems like I should go do a story missions until I have some cap room. I didn’t know if I bail on the forest if all of my progress will reset or anything.

I’ve added a dragon and griffin to my 9 or 10 ‘regular’ units I’ve been carrying. I still haven’t gotten on that ship in chapter 2 yet.

All progress resets when you leave, but you can replay those maps again later and as often as you want.

Does it reset even if I beat all the maps in the forest?