Tariff like it's 1897, Trump's Great Economy, Maybe the Best Ever


“That darned Obama!”


When you look at the chart, it is striking how relatively small the offset of the two lines is.

That small offset represents the trade deficit, which is quite large… But that means that the amount we actually sell to China is immense.

Like… They’re buying ALL OUR SHIT. If they stop buying our stuff, we are fucked.


The red and blue are different scales. Drawn so they line up.

Highly deceptive IMO.



Ya, i noticed that right after i posted it.

Still, they are the number one importer of US goods.


Here it is with the scale normalized:


According to this, EU, Canada and Mexico are all substantially larger importers of US goods.


Really? I thought that China surpassed Canada last year.

Also, the EU isn’t a country, it’s a continent.



China is currently our largest goods trading partner with $635.4 billion in total (two way) goods trade during 2017. Goods exports totaled $129.9 billion; goods imports totaled $505.5 billion. The U.S. goods trade deficit with China was $375.6 billion in 2017.

Also that page was designed by Satan and trying to get that block of text made it want to Tweet the entire fucking page. Apparently the C in China is a invisible Twitter/Tweet link that activates if you drag over it or something.



Oh, he’s worried he’s causing them?



Obviously the solution is a manic, incoherent Tweet that contradicts something he or someone else said in the last 24 hours.


Lol, look at this… he’s retweeting himself saying everything is fine.

He’s trying to calm things down by saying “everything is fine!”


Seriously, he’s “consulting with advisors to see if his trade policies are responsible”?? Of course they are, but is he actually going to believe it if they tell him so? Or is the reason he’s asking them simply because he knows they’re just going to lie to him like good little bootlickers?


“hey, do you guys think that starting a trade was with China may have been a bad idea? They are easy to win, right? So what’s the big deal?”


As ShivaX linked, it looks like China is tops in total trade but in terms of who’s buying US good it’s EU, Canada, Mexico and then China. Though a lot of NA trade is probably shipping parts back and forth.

If goods flow friction-free within a region, I think it makes sense to count the whole region. I think it might be hard to get good measurements with individual members of the EU? Not sure.


Sure, i get that, although you actually can get those individual countries from that chart, too.


The EU is not a continent. It excludes Ukraine and Switzerland for example.

But it is a single market, like China, Mexico, and the US. And that’s what matters to economists.


The real problem is Trump eventually does whatever he wants to because he doesn’t listen to his advisors and when he does he has no idea what they are actually saying, because he is an idiot.

Do you think if Ross Perot had somehow become president the economic and foreign policies would have been something like this? I think Perot was a much smarter guy who lived in a different business atmosphere than Trump, so probably not.


Perot would’ve been similar, but he had some understanding of… anything.

It would’ve been a shitshow though.