Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


Post your beautiful photographic works here please!

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Joke thread fail. Show us your picture you have taken recently (that’s interesting)


As long as he has clothes on!!


Too many threads! Don’t know where to post!

I mostly take pictures of the kids and babies in my life. Every now and then, I get something nice.


Hehe, cute kid pics are the best. Here’s one of my daughter just hanging out and being cool.


Here’s one of my son at about 7 months.


The thread title specified interesting pictures but all I see are babies…


I’m ad-blocking the babies, waiting till something interesting shows up.


I like this one because hardcore drinking makes toddlers extra cute.


Looking straight down the outside of's_Campanile


that shirt would be awesome if it said “meh”, not so much if it said “heh”




It’s just an iPhone photo, but it’s the Great Belt where I spread my fathers ashes from a boat this sunday - taken just a few hours later.


For EpicBoy




From the Winter Frop Bog we finally finished. And nope, I didn’t put her there. Couldn’t believe she was sitting there when I went out to check on the bog.


Sleepfighter, i want your camera.

S! Hanzii. I’ve spread ashes before, hope your experience was cathartic.


Hey EpicBoy, you can’t hide.

By air:

By sea:

And brand new the day I took this, by ground (This was maybe his fifth step ever):


From someone who lost their father only a few years ago, your pic brought a tear to my eye. It makes me want to revisit my fathers resting place. What a fittingly beautiful pic.


Might be redundant, but this is the official thread - and lights!