Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


Ok, that is some seriously world-class macro insect photography, best I’ve ever seen.


This was one of my old bosses from the Navy, now a good friend. He bought his first macro lens for a camera way back when I served with him, 97 or 98 I think. And he’s gone into it deeper and deeper. He lives in Italy, most of the pictures are from there. Great guy, this is mostly just a hobby for him.


Sushi, yum yum!

16-ConowingoDec10-7087 by Sam Posten III, on Flickr


They had just provided some food to the cheetahs when we were visting at the Toronto Zoo…

Toronto Zoo-2016-05-10-029 by Perry Quan, on Flickr


Nice! feeding time!


My pictures don’t hold a candle to many of you all’s, but here is my blog detailing the trip I took to Italy and Austria this past June and early July.

Oh! I never posted my blog from a work trip I took to India in January. It can be found here.

I’ll try embedding some of the better pictures from both in this thread soon, too late tonight.

Photos in India taken on either a Sony DSC-WX220 or a Sony DSC-HX400V. For Italy didn’t want to lug around the HX400V so those are from a Sony DSC-WX500 with a few iPhone 5s ones here and there. Kinda regret not taking the HX400V. =/


India pictures:

Love the trees in this one – exotic trees always stand out when I travel

Ganapati Temple in the middle of the office park where I worked

Harrison’s Folly near Mahabaleshwar, south of Pune

After seeing a moose in Alaska last year the next on my list was a monkey – tada!

Temple on Parvati Hill, Pune

View from my hotel


Nice job both of ya!


I didn’t take this one, my brother did. I was too busy working.

I like the red/white contrast.


I guess this counts as “recently” as it recently finally came off the memory card from the camera.

We took an autumn hike in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada. It was a spectacular day for it. We stuck to some simply trails off the main highway that goes through part of the park as we had our toddler with us. This picture is from the Beaver Pond trail. My daughter was disappointed at not seeing any beavers (and me and my wife too). It was a great hike for the first 3/4. The last 1/4 of the hike had me lugging our sleeping daughter. I was dead tired at the end of the hike.

Algonquin-2016-09-24-024 by Perry Quan, on Flickr


Oh hi there.

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Great fotos as usual!


Stink, Alan, that’s some nice work. Really love the SFO pic.


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Oh man, I’m a sucker for those bright reflective/mirror-like photos. Beautiful, Alan.


I accidentally took this picture while wandering around San Diego today, because my flight home isn’t until 10:40 tonight.

I took the picture, then Google automatically made it black and white and was like, “hey, check this out”. And I thought it looked cool.


Powerful Owl with what’s left of a ringtail possum. These are the largest owls in Australia. Their numbers have been increasing as baiting of foxes has resulted in an increase in possum numbers.

Terry’s Creek, Epping, Sydney


Eastern Water Dragons, also from around Terry’s Creek, Epping, Sydney.


Palace of Fine Arts in SF.