Tell us what you have eaten lately, that you haven't cooked yourself (that's interesting).


Umami Burger is the best burger joint in Los Angeles as far as I am concerned. Sorry, Father’s Office.


Down here we have Burger Fi which is damn good. And now that I think of it, will be dinner tonight.


Burger Fi is AMAZING


Preach brother. Looking at a CEO and a Cry+Fry. Just hope the damn rain lets up.


There is no point to putting it all on the bun when you can’t eat it like a sandwich anyway.


I tried Burger Fi when they opened up here and was completely unimpressed. What should I order to give them a second chance?


I love the Breakfast All Day Burger (Natural Angus Burger, American Cheese, Hickory Bacon, Maple Syrup, Fried Egg, Hash Brown, Grilled Onions, Ketchup), Cajun-spiced fries, and a Red Velvet Cake Custard Concrete for dessert. . .


CEO and a Cry+Fry. As explained above. :) Of course it depends upon the place I guess. The one I go to is consistently high quality. YMMV I guess. Or tastes vary. Me, I haven’t found a better burger locally. Of course I’d be glad to be proven wrong.


Seems these people agree with me. Though, to be fair, they’re talking about over-elaborate burgers at fancy restaurants that aren’t primarily burger joints. I’d basically never eat one of those anyway.


I ate at Atomic Burger in Oxford over the weekend after hearing nothing but praise for the place and while the patty was really tasty and succulent, I ultimately preferred the local one I posted above, which is great because it’s about two and half hours closer!


For what it’s worth, people have said the same about craft beer. And yet, there has been a huge following and change in popularity of beer drinking to accompany it. I am a card carrying member of that popular movement.

Though burgers aren’t quite the same, strangely, craft beers have been paired with new craft burgers enough that I wonder if that isn’t part of the draw. Even the term: craft burger. Like, what the fuck is the craft involved with the burger?

I agree with that article. But I can’t help but try the burgers. I blame ridiculously photogenic burger pictures in menus.


That they’re too big to fit in your mouth?


“Too high alcohol.” “Overdone tastes.” “Too many ingredients that take away from the beer.”

Similar but different.

Personally, I would NEVER critique a beer because it was too big. I mean, who would do that? Can I have their beer?


I’ve got no problem, in principle, with fancy or even “craft” burgers. I’m all in favour of doing interesting things with quality ingredients, even if sometimes I just want something simple. My problem is purely with the impracticality of some over-filled burgers. Well, that and paying more than about £12 on a burger when there’s almost certainly better food on the menu if they’re charging that much (and if not, why am I there in the first place.


Until you get to truly absurd levels, no matter how big the beer is, it’s equally easy to pick up and drink.

That’s the issue with giant burgers. You can’t actually pick them up and eat them.


Right, big fancy burgers can be super tasty, but form has been completely divorced from function. In that sense, they are, perversely, 100% inauthentic. In the eating, they’re best taken apart and treated as a newfangled Salisbury steak.


This was ostensibly the 33rd best burger in the US according to some ranking, being inexplicably served in the Hilton in Greenville, NC. Its main claim to fame aside from the peppered bacon was the “deviled egg spread,” which was actually very pleasant. Unfortunately, the “brioche” bun was dry, crumbly, and insubstantial, and the whole thing fell apart 1/3 of the way through.

I was pretty unimpressed, but at least it was free!


This is an appropriate (to my mind) “craft” burger. While it’s hard to tell the size, this thing is actually about 6 delicious bites in size (I think it’s maybe a 4 oz patty), and is served at a korean whiskey bar in boston. You pick it up, nom it down, and get back that 12 year yamazaki straight up you’ve been nursing.


Now that looks pretty awesome.


It’s a flat $7 too. You could get 2 if you wanted, for the price of a normal burger.

I just spend more on the whiskey.