Tell us what's happened to you recently (that's interesting)


I posted on a gaming-related message board.

I got a pretty decent job offer that might take me out of the computer consultant grind into a solid full time supervisory type position.

Of course, in my twisted mind, mentioning this here means that it will never happen.

so forfun write a a few oaraograogs abiut your week

Sorry I can’t help you with that part, as I do not understand what you want. :)

Hey Falgo, the jerk store called. They no longer wish to carry you.

I moved from the San Francisco area to the Washington DC area. I drove the whole way over 6 days with 2 cats in the back seat of my Honda Accord.


Yes. Oh, how I can tell.

You forgot “to be an attention whore”

How did they smell?

I’m wondering what I should do with the stack of corpses piled up in my closet.

I’ve discovered that there is a terminal olfactory limit to how effective pine air fresheners are versus the decomposing remains of a half dozen bodies.

Any suggestions?

If you can smell them you didn’t wrap them correctly. In that case, the ones on the bottom (depending upon how high the stack is) are probably leaking very nasty fluids, thus the smell.

Now the issue is whether you are in a ground floor apartment or an upper floor. If it’s an upper floor, which I assume otherwise you would have just buried them in the basement, you have problems.

Now the main thing here, is do not panic. While the smell may be strong for you, it may just seem to others like a general “nasty smell”.

First, be careful how you move them. At this stage of decay, parts may break off and punch holes in whatever wrapping you used. Place several layers of thick plastic dropcloths in front of the closet. You’ll probably want to wear a gas mask or at the very least smear Vick’s Vapo-Rub ™ under your nose. Then put a bunch of fresh coffee grounds in a pan on your stove and put the flame to a medium setting. This will cover most of the smell for a bit.

Second, bring/roll/scoop each body onto the dropcloths. Wrap each securely and use a LOT of duct tape. I assume that you bought enough 3 mil dropcloths for each badly wrapped body, right?

Third, Lysol ™ lots of Lysol ™.

Fourth, I’m guessing that you can’t just call a friend, or The Wolf for assistance, so the transfer is up to you.

Fifth, no matter how well you clean the drippings up, there will always be a smell. Find a new place to live. And try not to be so sloppy next time.

Good luck.

Ok, so they weren’t in the back seat, they were in a cage on the back seat. Fucking grammar patrol strikes again.



Joke alert.


Attempted humor alert.

I attended Digital Life Expo in New York on Thursday. It gave me the opportunity to see a well spoken Microsoft representative give an interesting presentation on Vista, followed by a stumbling and unrehearsed mess delivered awkwardly by one of Sony’s chiefs. I captured a brief look at Crysis during the MS keynote and a PS3 remix during the Sony clusterfuck.

Later, I played a ton of fun little Xbox Live Arcade games and even had a few minutes of Resistance with the coveted Playstation 3. However, the real highlight of my day was quality time with Guitar Hero II. The Red Octane guys told me that “Killing in the Name” and other songs with profanity will be radio edits only. Still, the game was great fun, especially in co-op mode.

We were served Sonic birthday cake by the PMS gals and took various other sites (some more sexy than others), but nothing was as fun as GH2.

The following day was supposed to be great. We were finally going to upgrade to the HD+DVR service and equipment with Direct TV. Unfortunately, things rarely go as planned in my life. So it was a long and drawn-out nightmare. I had to drive 50 miles out of state to pick up the equipment on my own, instead of having the install tech bring it. Once the tech finally showed up (after dark) and climbed onto my roof, he discovered he didn’t have all the necessary equipment to do the install. He informed me of this after he allowed me to disconnect and remove my previous dish.

Anyway, another guy arrived the following morning to do the job that should have been done 24 hours earlier. Once everything was hooked up, it seemed worth the trouble. However, I then had to go to work/sleep so I couldn’t enjoy it much.

I dreamt of Tom Chick.

No seriously. I spend most the week with a woman who suffered major brain damage when she was 12, but is now currently working to be a full time artist. She’s actually quite good, though she’s limited to painting floral pictures, or insects.

I went to a Tunnel party that last year led to Minter doing the graphics for the 360.

Oh crap. I don’t remember being at the computer last night :( I had just watched Detroit Tigers win, then I watched the University of Michigan win, then I dreamt that Michigan did in fact NOT win and instead ended the game in a 40-40 tie. I could have sworn I went to sleep straight from the Michigan game…

sorry for yet another stupid post.

Can I blame my wife? Maybe it was her? :p

What. The. Fuck.

I wasn’t actually referring to you :P

I had a great time in NYC last (long) weekend (though I didn’t meet up with KONY, so nobody will ever know whether I’d drink with him or slap him - though chances are I would have done both, in that order, only I’d miss him with the slap on account of being so drunk). I actually had quite a few interesting little adventures, and the first hostel I stayed in was MEGA sketchy. But I’ll post on all that later in this thread.

This week I went to two crazy parties even though it was a school week, but this was interspersed with attending a political debate on the alleged "Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights", a bullshit constitutional amendment that they’re trying to push through in Maine now, with potentially terrifying results.

I also learned how to mathematically map genotypes to phenotypes!..sorta.