Tell us what's happened to you recently (that's interesting)


Looks like I’ve got to make an emergency trip to Louisiana for family reasons tomorrow, and on short notice a flight to the municipal airport isn’t going to be possible. So, I’ll fly to DFW, get a car and drive about 5 hours. sigh. And no offense to the Texans on these boards, but I’m a bit nervous because I have seen the most amazing displays of road rage on Texas roads and highways. Will be on my guard.


I’ve made the drive between DFW and Baton Rouge a few times. I don’t remember it being bad at all as far as other drivers. Much better scenery than the flatlands of West Texas too!


Ha, I don’t know who would win that particular contest, not much to look at in eastern Texas either. Note to self - remember to take an MP3 player.


In my neighborhood at least they have found it easier to catch the smaller cats. My wife saw a hawk grab someones cat out in the middle of the street a few years ago.

We just got our first squirrel, after 20+ years. I guess someone in the area must have something he likes.



So earlier today. It sounded like someone or something was attacking my house. I was kind of afraid to look out the window because I thought someone might just attack me or something but it turns out it was this:

I see deer, wild turkeys, quail and whatever bird of prey shows up in the summer, turkey vulture I think, from time to time… but I’ve never had deer just sort of slam it’s hooves against the side of my house to eat something off one of my bushes.


Wow what a cutie!


I think you were being called out. Better strap on your shootin’ iron.


It also means that that garden area, which I haven’t used since i bought the place, is going to be a feeding ground for that one and it’s friend if I don’t fix that fence.


Or… Like… You know… A fresh meat provider.


So this morning we accepted a contract on a house, financing is approved, and looks like March 8th (give or take) we will take possession.

This is just starting to hit me.


Gratz dude!!

Life’s gonna be crazy for you next few months :)


Hah. I live in the middle of the neighborhood, pretty much an unplanned suburb. It’s my sister that’s surrounded by forest.



Congrats Craig! Hope all goes well over the next month.


May your days in your new home be both happy and healthy. Mazel tov!


Thank you all, we’re really excited. February is a crazy month. On top of a big check and signing a bunch of papers, my wife is due any day. So expect those pictures soon :D

P.S. Yes, we are crazy, I am well aware.


Got a birthday present today. iPhone 7plus. 128 gig. And yes I picked the shiny black one. My old iPhone 5 was worth $35 for a trade in so I just kept it. Now I have to download a shitload of apps. The cameras are so very cool. I will be busy for a while. BRB.


I’m still on a 4S so I’m open to donations if that will work with Sprint lol


Best part of the Super Bowl? Lady Gaga. Great show.


February 5th, 2017. The day I have a signed contract for a house all returned, and my baby girl is born. It is a good day :)