Tell us what's happened to you recently (that's interesting)


No, I was overruled ;)


When I get behind in my forum reading, to catch up, I tend to read fast, and start longer posts in the middle of the post, and if the middle of the post holds my interest, I go back to the beginning and start over. Thus, I started reading this post right here:

Not only did you manage to hold my interest, but my jaw also dropped.
I was somewhat disappoint when I went back and found out it was a dream.

Also, you guys have weird dreams.


I had a dream the other day about chopping firewood and getting advice from my mother on paint colors. I guess I use up all of my capacity for imagination during the day.


My wife planned and orchestrated a surprise Graduation Party on Saturday! It took me 10 years to complete my Master’s degree. Many of my friends have moved on since then but they all travelled several hours to be at the party for me.

It was really touching.
Also, I didn’t know my wife was so good at keeping a secret! Especially since she started planning it October 1st.


Congratulations! 10 years is a long haul, shows some real dedication.

Maybe don’t think about that too deeply. :-)


Second time’s the charm -

We were back down in Puerto Penasco this weekend, and again found a place to live. It’s not far from the place we lost, but not as close to the beach. It’s also a bit more money, but it’s a lot bigger, there’s a huge yard for the pooches (front and back) and most importantly no stairs.

This appears to be a more solid deal, as the lease is being prepared as I write this. We take possession Dec. 15 and expect to be moved down within a month after that.


Good luck! I would love to retire similarly someday.

(ahahaha i crack me up)


Awesome! Post some pics!


I didn’t take any this time, but here’s a link to the realtor’s listing page. The first one, in the upper left hand corner that says $800 is it. Just click on the picture. (Ignore the part about it being 900 sq. ft. It’s probably closer to 2000)'Active'%20And%20PropertyType%20Eq%20'B'


Looks very inviting.
I may be naive, but I’ve never heard of this before:

That’s after they list full baths, 3/4 baths, and half baths.
I’ve simply never heard of a 1/4 bath before? Does it even have a toilet?
Irrelevant to this discussion, since tgb’s place doesn’t have one anyway. I was just wondering what it would be.

Edit: I see it comes furnished. Would you want it furnished? I can’t remember if you’ve addressed this elsewhere.


A lot of places down there come furnished. I don’t now of that’s a Mexico thing or specific to PP. Anyway, the short answer is we’re keeping some and replacing some.


Yeah, what would be a 1/4 bath?

What are the typical rental terms? Do you sign a year lease or is it month-to-month?


Quarter Bath in most realty parlance is simply a toilet, no sink, shower or vanity. In America the most common examples of this are the toilet in the basement most often found in older homes, usually sitting out in the open. Sometimes though you will find a small toilet “closet” on the first level of a home, often near the kitchen or a laundry room where there is a sink that can be used post-flush.

Also, Congrats @Sonoftgb! Looks like a nice place. Can you walk to the beach from it? Can you walk to restaurants/shopping? Happy Retirement!


Thanks. We definitely can’t walk to the beach, although it’s probably only a 5 or 10 minute drive. Golf carts and quads are street legal, so I’m thinking of picking up something just to zip around town in.

As to walking to shopping/restaurants I don’t know that part of town well enough to say, yet. When we go back on the 15th to take possession we’ll definitely put in some exploration time.


I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane at 13,000 ft today; birthday present from my girlfriend. It was awesome.


That’s certainly interesting. I don’t know if I could do that. Congrats!


What’s odd is I get serious vertigo in high places. But in a plane, I guess I was far enough up that the height just didn’t seem real–didn’t trip those regions of my brain. And I was strapped to a dude who seemed like he knew what he was doing. I strangely had no fear.


Woah, that looks awesome! Glad to see the chute worked properly.


I applaud your bravery sir!

Did you watch Fandango before you jumped?


That’s great. I know a guy show did it for the first time to celebrate turning 60. Glad to see you didn’t wait that long.