Tempest open world pirate action rpg


Just looking for a friend to play coop =(


Per Wikipedia:

HeroCraft is a Russian video game developer and publisher headquartered in Kaliningrad and with offices in Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar, Donetsk and Novokuznetsk.

It’s so interesting that your IP address resolves to the city of Kaliningrad, isn’t it? And that you’re also active in the Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf topic here, which just happens to be from that same company.


Maybe you should look again, kind sir.


TBH if there’s a problem, you should deal with it in private. Bit creepy otherwise


We all gave this guy a chance to fess up. He failed.


Our old pal @gyazoul hasn’t been around of late. Presumably he’s been quite busy playing his favorite game… Tempest. Maybe he can come back and start a new topic on it, y’know, and kinda refresh our collective memories about how great it is. Maybe we could play it together. Like buddies and stuff.


Why the bump? This seems like a tempest in a teapot.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Bumping because I got this game for $1 in the Warhammer indiegala bundle, and there’s been some keys in the giveaway thread, so there might be some people playing…

This game (Tempest) is pretty good. In many ways it plays like a successor to Sid Meier’s Pirates! (the remake). Like in Pirates! I spend most of my time doing S-turns in front of enemies, but bow and stern chasers on most ships make it more interesting. Boarding is similar to … Chivalry, maybe? And there’s no ballroom dancing (which I kind of liked). Single player is grindy (haven’t played MP), but I like the core ship-combat, so that’s ok. (Pirates! was grindy also, tbh).

There’s a lot of factions to balance, and they have some flavor to make them distinct. The game opened up a lot after the first series of quests to get officers for the ship. I have no idea how the end-game is, I’m not there yet. The game is a little darker than Pirates! (Literally… it seems like its raining most of the time). And there’s sea monsters, which I haven’t interacted much with yet.

The DLC has pretty poor reviews on Steam … is it worth getting? I had no interest in anything else from the higher tier in the bundle I got.


That’s a good reason for me to purchase Tempest–I hated the mandatory dancing in Sid Meier’s Pirates! games.


This game looks a lot better than I expected.


Why? Other people were calling me out, in public, as an asshole because I correctly pegged this person as a spammer from the get go.

So it is somehow ok to call me an asshole in public because I don’t like spammers and correctly identify them by their obvious (to me anyway) behaviors even before I checked the source in detail, but this poor beleaguered spammer should be protected from the public consequences of his crappy, spammy actions?

Fuck alllll that. I am fine with it not being me personally that pulls the levers but if I see spammy bullshit going on here you better god damn well believe I will call it out and provide extreme low level detail to whoever does pull the levers.

To any of you that miss @Gyazoul’s plaintive spam on this forum, sorry not sorry, I guess?

Leaving Quarter to Three (and no longer sponsoring the site)

Yeah, I’m out of here.


My view on the matter is that I’d rather let 50 possible (but not definite) spammers post than chase off a single innocent user. I always give the benefit of the doubt. We aren’t a huge forum that would descend into nothing but “Hey have you guys played Kitty League, it’s like Rocket League but you ride cats! It’s on Steam!” posts by giving a bit of leeway.


Totally offtopic but…I think I would try that game.


I looked it up … no dice. sigh


Did you debate on whether or not you should respond for the past two months or something? :)


Actually would make a ton of money. People love paying for mounts, and they can be way wackier than cars. Not just kitties, but dogs, goats, camels, turtles, dragons, dragon turtles, hellgoats, felcamels, cumgoblins, the opportunities are endless!


Decaf is your friend.


Now I don’t want to play that game. :(


This person made several moves that were consistent with spammers. It was far beyond subtle.

Self promotion we have seen and there are policies on that.