Tempest open world pirate action rpg


Google image search for cumgoblin is curiously sparse. The internet has failed me for the last time!


This game had me intrigued for a moment, but the user reviews I’ve read have put me off. I love Pirates!, but I can’t quite get myself to pull the trigger on this one, even if it is only $5.


I’ve messed around with it a bit and thus far it seems fun, but not other-worldly.


Honestly the fact that half the people here were jumping to the defense of what was, to me at least, pretty obviously a person posting in bad faith, is just depressing and sad.

Even here on our home turf where I expect regulars to generally be quite savvy about trolls and spammers, people were happily acquiescent to spamming because oh gosh that poor fella who just happens to post about that game he enjoys, and virtually nothing else…

No wonder the Russians fucked up our election. We are screwed.


One person took issue with your tone. Another person took issue with you using admin access to publicly post private information. They both had good points.

Otherwise, I have no idea what you mean by “half of the people here jumping to [a spammer’s] defense” and “people happily acquiescent to spamming”. Of all the problems on this forum, I’d put tolerance to spamming somewhere near the bottom of the list.



It’s a cumspiracy


Let’s quote, then, shall we?

That’s four, count 'em, four long timers who want to give this spammer the benefit of the doubt.

I’m super sorry if my “tone” was off in dealing with a FUCKING SPAMMER, gee whiz I’m double plus good sorry about that.

As previously stated, am fine with passing that info to you and @stusser and @telefrog in the future, provided you actually do something about it and don’t twiddle your thumbs and grease up the thunderdome for people to kill each other in one-on-one combat to see who emerges victorious … but personally, I don’t think it’s much of a problem to indicate that a spammer is, in fact, a spammer. I got no sympathy for these motherfuckers.

See the above quotes, which certainly don’t jibe with “low tolerance for spamming”. To combat spam you have to be able to recognize it first. If these type of forum regulars are unable to recognize someone obviously gaming them with spam on their own damn turf … no wonder the US got trolled so hard by Russian political ads in the last election.

We’re so fucked.


Why did you bring this up again after two months?


I hate spammers that much. I want to fucking destroy them.


Yeah, and why are you quoting something I said back in … April? Who cares, honestly? At the time I wrote that, it seemed like the guy made an honest mistake and had forgotten he’d previously made an existing thread on the same topic. It happens. I mean, the first thread and this new one were 8 freaking months apart (and 7 months since the first thread had gotten a bump), is it so hard to believe?

Edit - @wumpus, go talk to someone. Seriously, half your posts scream out for help. I’m not even joking.


As @WhollySchmidt once said, I am nothing if not a bizarre collection of hills to die on.

My only regret is that I am unable to die on any of them.


Maybe stop doubling back to walk up them two months later? :)

But really, we’re all on the same page here. There’s just not a lot of writing on the page. Spammers are a non-issue, thanks largely to the excellent tools Discourse gives us. Can’t we get back to arguing about avatars, like in the good old days?



The only way to solve this dispute is through a rousing game of Tempest, my favorite open world pirate action RPG of all time. Of all time!

I know it’s good because the Russians told me so.




Wait, open world with pirates? I’m in


Pretty sure we’re supposed to argue about likes now.

Ouch. Too soon.


Would a “you go girl” be in poor taste?


I really wan to hear more about this game, but I was afraid to interrupt this…

Anyone actually play Tempest, co-op? It looks like a lot ship battles in storms. I don’t mind ship battles or storms but is there… more?


So anyone playing this game? Asking for a friend.


No… But it is still being updated by the developer, so thats something…

Also apparently I own the game and all the dlc. Was it in a bundle at some point?