Terminator: Genisys - Arnie, Khaleesi, Jai, and T-1000


I actually rather like what they’re doing there in the trailer. Given that time travel has always been absolutely central to the series, it’s unfair to characterize it as “frippery” to reboot it with a new timeline. If anything, the Terminator series has usually not done enough to mess with multiple timelines - only The Sarah Connor Chronicles got into that, writing over Terminator 3 (it’s mentioned that Sarah was supposed to die of cancer in a previous timeline), Jesse being from a different future than Derek, and the lead-in for season 3 being a future that didn’t have a John Connor. The re-shot scenes from Terminator 1 look well-done, strongly evoking the original scene with police chasing Kyle Reese into a department store after he steals pants from a bum.


The movies (and the show, though I didn’t watch much of season 2) have made it abundantly clear that there are only a few ways to end what is an unending cycle: preventing Skynet from coming into being (ironically), somehow fundamentally altering skynet’s outlook on life very early on, or somehow winning so decisively that this time, it can’t send anyone back. The latter being unlikely. I have no problem whatsoever with a “reboot” (which this is not strictly speaking).

I will lament the fact that we continue to live in a world where Jai Courtney and Sam Worthington aren’t the stars in a buddy cop series. Together.


Hah, poor Sam. I’m sure in a moment I’ll remember, but I am not lying when I say that right this second,[I] I can’t remember what he looks like[/I]. I keep trying to picture one of his roles and I think I’m imagining Jamie Bamber (Lee Adama) instead.


“White Bread and Whiter”?

As Grantland mused about the trailer yesterday, the people trying to make Jai Courtney happen seem to be the same people who tried to make Sam Worthington happen.


Who are these people, and can we somehow devise a method of killing their parents before they were born?


I was going to say “here’s a great picture of Sam!” and then post a picture of Jai Courtney, but then I was just like “ehhhhh”.


I liked the trailer! It might not have been a good trailer. Heck, it may have been awful, I dunno. But, it does have multiple Arnolds, Khaleesi, big-budget special effects and the next chapter in one of my favorite franchises. My inner nerd is dancing the Dance of Joy.


Another way to look at it is that it almost certainly has to be better than Terminator 3 or Terminator Salvation.


An entirely fair point. OK. I’ll at least rent it or watch on netflix. I’ve watched both of those disasters, so…


Oh, hell. I own a copy of Terminator 3. I should really post that in the Confessional, I know.


So how does the robot age exactly? And why would they make a special old robot skin to put on one of the exoskeletons?


If we’re going to go there, the skin is presumably alive, and ages, even if the chassis doesn’t. The trailer mentions something about the old T800 having arrived when Sarah Connor was still a child.


Does every action film made since 2000 have to include at least one scene set on top of a moving train and/or bus?


No, but it must include at least one scene in which a train and a bus talk to each other about something other than airplanes.


Careful, you might end up with “Owns a copy of Terminator 3” underneath your name.


Given my interactions with Tom, I’m surprised I haven’t gotten a title like that already.

I’m not really that ashamed of owning it. There’s a lot good in there with the bad - I like a lot of the dialog (“Why not? She’s a fertile female of childbearing age”) and I appreciate that the world ends, which is a move most movies aren’t willing to do. The bad parts are mostly about Arnie apparently insisting on making the T800 into the hero of the film, with Arnie one-liners. The bit where he refuses to kill John through “willpower” after being subverted by the TX is terrible. The TX also completely screws up the time-travel rules as established in the series so far, but I honestly think the T1000 from T2 does that as well, so it’s hard to hold that against the film.


This is the newest trailer: https://youtu.be/rGSxss7gWak


I haven’t watched it, but there are comments all over the place to the effect of “WTF?” on the studio spoiling their own movie.


I watched it. Definitely new information there. Definitely no less skeptical of this movie.


It actually seems more interesting the more I learn about the movie. I mean, still “catch on HBO in a couple years” level interest, but I won’t flip the channel when it comes on. Probably.


Yeah Gus, it’s like me defending T4. There is good in there, but the last 3rd leaves such a sour taste…
T3 has the opposite, I love the end, and yes Arnie mugging for the camera gets really old.