Terminator: Resistance - FPS, particles, lens flares

$15.99 on PS Store…hopefully the patch goes to PS4 also. Buying.

Still $40 on Xbox One. Blah.

I don’t want to pay even $30 on Steam if it’s half that price on a console.

I will continue waiting and hoping.

I bought this on summer sale, and was really i glad i got it. I was really impressed with this one and surprised it didnt have its own thread. This game is the back story of Terminator 1 and 2, set in the time of Conners future and leads up to the events of the first and 2nd movie. Sound, music, and gameplay all capture the feel surprisingly well

Whats most amazing is that its essentially Fallout 3 light. Missing perks and VATS (though it does even have a version of VATS sort of), but has just about everything else. RPG elements of leveling up your character, check. Inventory and crafting, check. Weapons galore, check. Choices matter, with evolving story, check. Even Several love interests!

It says its a FPS on steam, which almost made me pass on it, but its so much more!

I was really surprised how much i enjoyed this game, will be playing again!

I have been wanting this game for months, ever since laughing at Jim Sterling’s comments on it in one of his videos.

I finally picked this up a couple days ago but probably won’t get around to playing it for several days, or maybe a week or two. But I’m very much looking forward to doing so.

I streamed this when it came out and had a great time. I should revisit it, the changes mentioned to it sound great.

It does!

Though I like your thread name better. Let there be two threads!

Thanks guys! Bought!

While this is certainly true I’m getting more of a TWD vibe coming from this game, especially because of the writing. It’s clearly low budget but competently made - reminds me of some Spiders titles I played in that regard.

TWD? Total War Death?

The Witcher, Delicious!

The Walking Dead

I got this as well on sale, earlier, and have been really liking it. It’s nowhere near a AAA title, more like A-level, but very competent. It’s old-school FPS in many ways–generally small-ish, linear levels, no pretense at being open-world, a pretty unvarying “main objective, side objective, optional nook or cranny” structure for each level, and no mantling or climbing, or even any real jumping on stuff. Still, the Unreal engine works well of course, gun play is good, each weapon has a good and distinct feel and sound, and combat feel is pretty good.

The game excels in atmosphere, and the sounds is part of that. Very well done and scary as crap at times. The lighting is good too, and while the environments won’t win any design prizes, or art shows, they are appropriate for the setting, and really evoke the first two movies (the only good ones?) nicely.

Quibbles? The dialog/cutscenes can get corny (please, designers, no more 3D-modeled voyeuristic soft-core porn scenes, thank you), though the voice acting is good IMO. The weapon selection and balance is a bit out of whack, in that the limited inventory and plenitude of plasma ammo makes ballistic weapons fairly useless very early on, yet you continue to find them and their ammo long after you don’t use them. The binary can affect/cannot affect setting for weapons is also a bit rough, and I think a spectrum approach would have been better, with the four ballistic weapons doing less and less damage, but never no damage, and the various plasma weapons doing more and more damage as you upgraded.

The game uses a hub system, sort of, and everything plays out in discrete levels. As I said, old school, which I think works fine here, but don’t go in to this thinking your’e getting a modern FPS structure.

Overall, very well done, and shows how modest budgets and (I am guessing) modest-sized teams can make good games.

People keep saying this, but I’ve yet to play a game where combat against robots is fun. It’s like zombies, where the designers don’t have to spend any resources on AI because they will just move towards you without any regard for their own “lives”. Add a healthy dose of bullet sponge (so that it’s not too easy) and you get the most boring kind of FPS I can imagine (zombie games can vary this with the zombies being easy to kill but there are more of them).

So my question is if the combat in this game is like that? And, if not, what makes it different?

It’s different in a way that enemies seem to have an aimbot (fair in this case I suppose lol) and will single you out even when you have a group of 10 allies with you. I suppose also fair, given the story of the game, but still rather annoying to actually play.

I only find the combat bearable when I open up on single isolated targets with a sniper plasma weapon to knock them down with first hit and then destroy them with the second.

That sounds… awful.

Well, yes, I should have said the combat feel is pretty good for a game where you fight robots only. I generally do not like fighting robots either. But here, it fits the story and manages to work pretty well. I think one thing that is good is the way the Terminators fall down, heh.

Yeah, though I’m rarely with allies at least. Sniper rifle then the semi-auto to the face works one on one usually. Grenades are great. It’s also fun to sneak up and knife them.

It’s not, really. I will say this is not a game to play for FPS per se, rather that the FPS stuff is good enough to carry the story/atmosphere. The fun comes from prowling around the ruins of LA and environs being hunted by killing machines with glowing red eyes. It’s a game for people who really like the early Terminator movies, and it’s sort of a love-letter to them. If you’re lukewarm about the subject matter, the game itself won’t woo you on its own merits I think.

Well said. As a fan of Terminator, I really like the atmosphere and immersion of the game. I think I am about half way through and looking forward to seeing what happens to completion.

Guessing you haven’t played Horizon Zero Dawn then.

They said fun, not unfun.