Texas Continues to go off the rails

False. Both people in Wyoming are Republicans.


Aren’t they both named Cheney, too? What a coincidence!

Yes, it’s kind of awkward because the one has accused the other of being a RINO and voted her out of congress. Tiebreaker rules kicked in which in Wyoming the rules are that the man wins.

“I’ll take ‘States That Should Just Be Counties’ for $200, Alex.”

Los Angeles County has 15 times the population of Wyoming. LA County gets one half of a senator and Wyoming gets 2.

Stop falling for the propaganda. Wyoming isn’t real.

Yeah but if you gave us true representation here in LA then we’d be another step closer to enacting better equal rights, anti-gun, pro-choice, etc, legislation. Then where would we be as a country??

I can’t see the click-through, it’s possible the underlying image(s) are being blocked or have been deleted.

Garfield and Friends had this locked down decades ago.

Well, Ken Paxton knows illegal when he sees it.

more than one has been drinking on the job – remember this old ‘gulp and grope’ was just a month ago

Recusal for conflict of interest is just for weak liberals.

Angela Paxton, a Texas state senator and wife of impeached state Attorney General Ken Paxton, said late Monday that she will attend her husband’s upcoming impeachment trial, vowing to “carry out my duties.”

“As a member of the Senate, I hold these obligations sacred and I will carry out my duties, not because it is easy, but because the Constitution demands it and my constituents deserve it,” Angela Paxton said in a statement.

In more local news, a QAnon conservative on a school board is accusing everyone else on the school board of making fun of his small penis:

If he is going to get that upset, maybe he shouldn’t whip it out during school board meetings. (I didn’t read it, but seems like at least a decent chance of how this story will go :) ).

Streisand Effect in action.

Okay, taking a look at the article, I for one believe him when he says someone making fun of him repeatedly used the word “genitalia” to do so.

That sucks for everyone involved. If they did say what he claims they said, it’s certainly unprofessional. But worse they jeopardized the education curriculum of the students and should have known better then to give a MAGA hat ammunition.

He’s one of a number “insurgent MAGA” guys trying to take over the school boards, and so is certainly trying his hardest to blow the school board up in order to remake it in MAGA image. This is a big problem with all the communities neighboring Austin which tend to have a blue-red mix, and is basically an open secret among these red parents as their goal to destroy the school system as it exists and fire any liberal administrators. It really doesn’t help that at the same time the liberal families are fighting among themselves for who is the most progressive / most racist instead of working together to form a common defense.


Ripping off the taxpayers for fun and profit - gutting education as a bonus?