In the PC Category, the winner is:


Tied for Second and Third:
STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl
World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade

In the CONSOLE Category, the winner is:


Second Place:
Rock Band
Tied for Third:
Super Mario Galaxy,
Mass Effect

Thanks for voting everyone.

It was definitely a nail biter this year, with the PC voting being especially exciting. Bioshock managed to hang in there until the second to last round, and only fell out of contention by one vote.

Crackdown!? Anyway, good year, and it’s a shame all the greatness of the games that came out has to be reduced to three places.

If we say that Stalker and Burning Crusade tied for second, what would have been in third place? Bioshock?

Are you surprised because you didn’t like it, or because you haven’t tried it? Or because most game of the year lists on the net ignored Crackdown for the most part?

Since he mentioned that Bioshock missed the Top 3 on the PC by one vote, I’d say that’s very likely.

A shame that a buggy mess like STALKER ends up in the top 3 for PC, even if the oft-noted atmospherics are supposed to lift it to beyond the promised land. Alas, I’ll never get to see it, because of STALKER itself.

I’m happy at least that Bioshock won the top place somewhere.

I actually beat the game, but I just didn’t think it merited being that high at all. I did have a blast with the jumping and such, but there wasn’t enough material there.

Proving that the promise of cake is a very powerful bribe.


Not to mention it was delivered!

Maybe you didn’t play co-op? And by “play co-op” I mean built awesome shit, get into that shit, and then blow up that shit.

I did play a few times. I guess that must be the reason why people named it.

That’s right.


A buggy, flawed, FUCKING AWESOME mess. Can’t wait for Clear Skies.

Edit: Also – thanks for compiling the votes, Andrew.

You know how much it confuses the rest of us when you guys talk to each other, right?

Holy crap. I didn’t even realise they were different people.

I don’t know what you guys were talking about WRT bugs in STALKER. I never really had it crash on me, and though it ran like shit on my 7600GT at the time, it was still an awesome game. I think I was playing 1.001 or maybe .002.

Yeah. Me neither.

Amen to that. I can see feeling disappointed if Stalker wouldn’t run on your computer - that’s just awful. However, for what it did right, Stalker opened up an entire world of post-apocalyptic, dysphoric Russian awesome.

PS - Thanks Andrew for going through the trouble of setting this up and counting the votes!

I guess you weren’t keeping up with the thread and seeing votes for Crackdown come pouring in.

I want to be surprised that Halo 3 didn’t make it, but when I compare it to every title that did make it, I really can’t summon much outrage. And this is from someone who loved and did vote for Halo 3. What a great year for games!

The same goes for Call of Duty 4 actually. I don’t think I voted for it, but I hadn’t played much of the single player when I voted.