The 2018 Music thread


That is 2018. And it is definitely still (GREAT) music. I vote that it counts!


Speaking of awesome Fourth of July music, I just fired up the Freedom Rock mix trig and I made thirteen (?!?) years ago. Gotta reupload that bad boy, CH! I love your intro-to-track-1-segue so so much.

  1. Preamble by President Bill Pullman
  2. “I’m Free” (The Who)
  3. “Firecracker” (Ryan Adams)
  4. “July! July!” (The Decemberists)
  5. “Revolution 80” (Tahiti 80)
  6. “Independence Day” (Elliott Smith)
  7. “America” (Simon & Garfunkel)
  8. “Staring At The Sun” (TV On The Radio)
  9. “La Revolucion” (Ugly Duckling)
  10. “Pledge Of Allegiance” (Louis XIV) (Parental Advisory!!!)
  11. “The National Anthem” (Radiohead)
  12. “Lady Liberty” (Okkervil River)
  13. “Fourth Of July” (Galaxie 500)
  14. “That Noonday Sun” (Noonday Underground)
  15. “Hot Fun In The Summertime (Sly & The Family Stone)
  16. “Burned By The Sun” (Beulah)
  17. “Revolution” (Spacemen 3)
  18. “Freedom Rock” (Frank Black)
  19. “Sun” (Margo Guryan)
  20. “Liberty Belle” (Super Furry Animals)
  21. “Summer Babe” (Pavement)
  22. “It Must Be Summer” (Fountains Of Wayne)
  23. “Saturday Sunset” (Drugstore)


Goddamn this is a good mix, even if it involves tooting our collective self-horns. Which sounds dirty.

But yeah. Fuck yeah, in fact.

So I not only re-uploaded it, I also found the old cover image. Which also…well…

Mix can be found here: (click n save or just click to stream):


Ooh! Elliott Smith is on that mix. Sold.

When I glanced at the image, it immediately made me think of another of my favorite songs:


“Yes finally the tables are starting to turn.”


I’ve become wary of older bands putting out new material, because typically the new stuff doesn’t measure within miles of the stuff that made me love a group originally.

With that said, the Chills album that came out a couple of years ago was utterly fucking brilliant, and with a couple of years of space to assess, I think definitely sits in side by side with their best work in the '80s and '90s.

So this, then, is good news.

Better news, the first two songs are terrific:


I wholeheartedly concur with all of the above.



Oooo, that second one is excellent. Always excited about new Chills music.


Damn. You guys forgot one yesterday.
And so did I. :(


WTF is OMD doing??


Elvis Costello cancels remaining tour dates for surgery on a “small, aggressive malignancy”.

That’s worrisome. Hoping for the best.


Small, good.
Aggressive, not good.
Malignancy, very not good.

Go, Elvis! You got this.

Jimmy McGill hosting bingo night at the old folks’ home: “B9! B9… Let’s hope that biopsy comes back B9.”


It’s definitely an interesting progression from Enola Gay, but I can dig the groove they’re setting down.


Sounds like he’s already had the surgery and says he’s recovering and that said surgery should remove the entire malignancy. Hope that’s what’s truly up and he’ll be fine.


I think I needed a “Featuring Artist Name” to prepare my ears and adjust my expectations!


The Beremy Jets are a one-man band created by a Scandinavian fellow named Paul Saarnak. They put out a couple of EPs in the last year or two that were interesting.

This is better than interesting, from a debut full-length coming later this month:


Two songs that I can’t get enough of this month. If I could figure out how to add the Good Morning album to the Bitches Brewing thread, it would be my choice this month.

Eddie the Wheel, Leave Behind

Good Morning, Escalator



Oh no, more Oasis albums?

New Lumerians album, finally! They’re opening for MBV tonight, which I stupidly waited too long to get tickets for.


Zoinks! Look what I just found…

28 new minutes of “soul pop sonic collage” featuring Daisy Martey. Sweet!



I had thought Daisey was kinda doing her own thing…but yeah. I will take all the Noonday with her that I can get my ears on.