The action roguelite thread

Seems like a Prison Architect situation.

New update for Tiny Rogues

I tried Vampire Survivor with my son and we were hooked. I ended up going hard in the genre for a little bit.

Boneraiser Minions
Vampire Savior

Good :
Beautiful Mystic Survivor (the Steam reviews for this one is crazy lol)
Nomad Survival
20 Minutes Till Dawn
Spell Book Demonslayer

Void Scrapper

Boneraiser Minions is gonna be the best one of these when its done. It’s already pretty close.

I agree. It is really good but it needs lots of useability updates such as better visibility, better tooltips, etc.

I would highly recommend Soulstone Survivors. Also take a look at rogue genesia and Army of Ruin.

Those are on my list, but they’re so new that I figured I’ll wait it out for a few months. I can’t say I’m not tempted though, especially with Soulstone…

I played the Soulstone Survivors demo (possibly the same as the free Prologue version) during the Steam fest and strongly disliked how absurdly busy the visuals are. The action is 90% just walking between colored circles to dodge all the spam. I didn’t even want to try a second run.

Basically all the streamers I’ve seen play it wind up turning off 90% of the FX, for a mixture of “not melting their computer,” “not murdering their stream bitrate,” and “not dying to attacks that their 4000 particle effects obscured” reasons.

It’s worth noting that Soulstone Survivors looks hideous with 90% of the FX turned off, lol.

The current version is even more absurdly busy, which is saying something. I do like it, though. And they have so much they plan to add to it, I think it bears watching, though I imagine it will never be to your liking.

Warm Snow has a new free dlc with this:

"The new story and the new gameplay mode—the Nightmare World. 5 Bosses, 6 real or unreal endings, more than 30 nightmare skills, and a multitude of styles are waiting for you to explore!
Remember, you can only return to reality if you resist the temptation and find the truth!"

Rogue Legacy 2 had also a nice upate a few weeks ago:

For some reason I do still have Rogue Legacy 2 installed, and that update makes me want to click on it. I know I would have to relearn ranges and timings. That thought leads to a recurring problem. It’s really tough to go back to any game I’ve played through when there are new games with their unseen takes on genre still to explore.

If I ever do go back, maybe the pirate class will click for me. Its description had me sold, and then it didn’t behave how I expected or wanted. Biggest disappointment, whereas cook was reluctantly unlocked and then became the biggest positive surprise.

They dropped the new version onto the Switch as it came out on PC, so I finally grabbed it and started playing. It’s a ton of fun so far, and the new stuff has made my pitiful attempts at runs interesting despite watching a couple dozen hours of streamers playing it at the original release.

Sequel to Perfection:

been playing Scarlet Tower, Soulstone Survivors, Rogue: Genesia and Army of Ruin lately. Most of these have a dash mechanic, twin-stick aiming or both.

Scarlet Tower is ok, but currently a bit lacking in content. It’s the closest to VS imo.

Soulstone Survivors feels the most like a traditional twin-stick shooter. Tons to unlock already and very fun and addictive. It’s unique in that running into baddies doesn’t hurt you so feels a lot different.

Rogue:Genesia has the most interesting build diversity to me personally. The ability to lower stats to raise others allows unique builds. It also has both a VS style mode and a more traditional StS roguelike progression mode.

Army of Ruin has some of the better visuals imo. The lack of right stick aiming is something I’m continually getting irritated at though. Lots of weapons need aiming (similar to the knife in VS) but they all aim the same, which is moving towards your target, which in a game where touching things hurts and you don’t control when it shoots feels awful and clunky. It also has Twitch integration so as a streamer this aspect is kinda fun. It’s not as fleshed out as it could be, but still adds to the experience for the viewers. Chat can vote directly on your upgrade choices and minibosses will be named after active chat members.

Interesting art style for a roguelite

They are doing a ‘remaster’ (but still 2d) fo Risk of Rain 1

My friends and I were only recently talking about playing the original again but remembered all the hassle with port forwarding so this is well timed. It looks great too.

I am usually not a fan of sidescrollers but RoR1 really clicked for me. RoR2 fell flat for me. Interested in this.