The Amazon Prime Video thread


The Netflix thread has worked out pretty well, for recommendations of shows that may not need their own thread. So I figured we could use one for Prime Video also.

I’ll start it off with Beartrek, which I just watched recently and enjoyed. It goes to four areas where different bear species live: brown, polar, spectacles, and sun bears. Some gorgeous wildlife video, as you’d expect, and also a lot of information about the bears’ interactions with their environments and the humans encroaching on them.


Why is there no show about yaks?


Oh please, you know better. This is the Internet!


Homecoming is very well done.


Homecoming is next on my list.

I wanted to like Forever starring Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen. It had some funny moments and the plot kept me guessing early on. But midway through the season, it asked me to spend half an hour with completely different characters so I checked out. Anyone make it to the end?


I’ve recommended it before, but it’s still criminally under-watched, so I’ll plug it again: Comrade Detective.


Was talking about the F35 jets today and remembered this old movie. It is on Amazon prime and it is hilarious. It’s a satirical look at the weapon system design process where people keep adding features till nothing works.


Holy cow, there’s a video adaptation of Going Postal! I thought I’d seen all the Discworld shows, but somehow I’d missed this one.

I miss Sir Terry, but it’s awfully nice when you discover something like this. Makes a bit of the Discworld new again.


So there’s a new economic documentary on Amazon Prime called This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy. Kal Penn takes on a topic related to the global economy and goes around talking to various people about how that topic works. Watched the first episode on Money Laundering tonight, and it was pretty entertaining. I’m interested in economic topics anyway, so it’s hard for me to say whether anyone else would like it, but I thought it was well done.


I started watching this thinking it was actually what it purported to be, but was like, no way could this look this good of it was produced in 1983 Romania. Also, the ideological messages are too on the nose even for the Romanian government at the time.

EDIT: First episode was pretty good!


Yeah, I caught that one somehow/somewhere (maybe on public TV?) a couple of years ago. Great story and cast, including the super dreamy Claire Foy (be still my heart) as Adora Belle Dearheart.