The Amazon Prime Video thread

Yup, joint production between Amazon, Sky, and Canal+. Probably explains the budget and all the locations.

I need to have likable characters and I’m not particularly interested in shows about drug running. That explains it for me.

That’s definitely the biggest barrier to me loving the show. The actors all do a good job, but they’re not given a ton to work with. The Lynwood siblings are clearly meant to be the closest to sympathetic protagonists/audience avatar, but I dont feel very attached to them.

And, I can’t say I’m rooting at all for the mafia or cartel, sooo.

But, it’s absolutely amazing to look at

I really enjoyed ZeroZeroZero. It led me to check out the creators other show Gomorrah which is also excellent (especially the first season).

Oh man, Upload is amazing! The first episode has a TON of good ideas, and we’ve seen up’n till the 4th episode now, and its pretty damn good. First episode was the best so far, though.

Just got into Upload myself, loving it. Join the thread!

I guess Amazon managed to fuck up and lose HBO shows on Prime. It seems like they were Prime yesterday and gone today. I hadn’t yet finished Curb Your Enthusiasm (I didn’t realize it was gone till I tried to watch an episode today) and I had Boardwalk Empire waiting in the wings (although I half expected not to like B.E. very much so no big loss there).

With so many of the BBC shows I enjoyed now gone (to Acorn or Hulu), and now HBO gone, I’m not very excited by what’s left. The only thing I’m waiting for is season 2 of The Boys, but most other Amazon Originals are too bland for me.

That was a free “preview” due to the pandemic, HBO provided lots of shows free on multiple platforms (Prime, Hulu etc) and it recently ended.

Edit: Nope, wait, you mean the old HBO shows that have been on Prime for awhile, like Boardwalk Empire and True Blood. Yeah, I assume those got pulled because they’re going to be on HBO Max when it launches.

I don’t know about any free preview, they’ve been Prime for years, and I re-watched The Wire last year. I guess it’s possible there was a period between the pandemic and whenever they lost the rights where I could have noticed, but because of how often I used it (for Sopranos etc) it seems like it would have been a small window.

Edit: Okay, I see we’re on the same page now.

I didn’t know about HBO Max. Damn them.

With the launch of HBO Max it seemed inevitable they’d lose them whenever the contract ran out. I don’t think there’s any real fuck up on Amazon’s part here, just the obvious outcome of HBO going full bore with their streaming service.

Yeah, see above, I misunderstood which “batch” of HBO shows you mean. I suspect HBO is re-consolidating all its content under its new streaming service. Expect all the NBC stuff to disappear off to Peacock in the near future too. Streaming fragmentation continues apace. Some day every show will have its own channel!

I’m ready to just cancel everything and go back to Netflix mail-a-disc.

I don’t blame you, it’s a better deal than all this other bullshit and you can get a lot of stuff that’s not available on streaming anywhere. What I don’t know is how well they’re taking care of their discs, though - the last time we had that service half the stuff that came to us was scratched all to hell.

Yea, I haven’t used the mail version of Netflix in ten years or so, and if a disc got lost in the mail it would cost $20 to replace. And they got lost about 3 or 4 times in 6 or 7 years.

It’s totally possible, however, that it’s actually gotten better with a lower volume of folks using it.

This is the result of every outlet thinking they’re specialize enough to deserve their own streaming service… and once they all do that what are we back too… oh yeah, the expensive cable bundles so many of us walked away from for years.

Yes, some will say something like… well I just rotate them so I never have more than 2-3 at a time… but just you wait until they release them on a regular, read weekly basis again…

It’s fine though. I watch less TV than ever, streaming or otherwise. I could probably cut it entirely and just stick to buying a movie once in awhile. I’ve got more games to play.

I waiting for them to all start adding commercials along with their subscriptions.

That’s exactly what I do, rotate. Pretty much always have Prime due to it being part of the Amazon shipping, but otherwise I have one streaming service at a time. And I could care less if they’re releasing things weekly. I just wait until a whole season is out, then watch it whenever I next have that service.

I get that some people want to watch a wider variety of things that require having multiple subscriptions, or don’t want to wait to watch something that’s coming out on a different schedule. For those who want that, they can pay for it. If the cost is too high, well, looks like that flexibility isn’t that valuable after all. There’s always my plan to fall back on.

Yeah, once streaming becomes more fragmented (and expensive) people wanting to save money will have to go back to regular cable or antenna.

I have Amazon Prime and an antenna, and HD antenna reception is awful.

I have a feeling that eventually, once everyone gets their services in place, you will see a lot of packaging of multiple streaming services going on. Portals like Amazon prime are already starting to do some of this. I think either way cable is pretty much in its death throes.