The Ascent - Isometric Cyberpunk Twin-Stick Shooter RPG

Was wondering if that were possible, because I just can’t do controllers right now

Y’know what? I’ll dive back in and give it a go.

I couldn’t make the gamepad work. Aiming and moving are both mapped to the left stick, so when you want to aim at something, you run towards it, too.

EDIT: Keyboard/mouse works. BUT, I played around with the gamepad a bit more, and left stick is move, right stick is aim. I think I can get by with this. Nice looking game so far!

You have to hack the terminal first. If using a controller, hold down Y.

By using both sticks you can move away from enemies (left) and aim (right). If you are ignoring the right stick you will always be aiming where you are moving.

…There was 0 input or help in that regard. The terminal only showed “press F to activate”. I wonder if it was a bug.

Not sure which is bettet, but KB+M works really well. WASD pushes your character in the respective direction of each key and the mouse cursor location acts as your aim. I haven’t tried the controller yet.

Early on, but holy shit the artistic direction of this is really impressive. This team can build very intricate looking backdrops. The whole screen is dripping with atmosphere, it is almost hard to take in all of the details.

Maybe it didn’t trigger, but for me there was a tutorial message shortly before about hacking, saying it was mostly associated with yellow or something like that. If you approach something and it’s highlighted in yellow, hack it.

Yes, it just appeared on my second attempt.

My first impression is that the game is very much style over substance. And with that I mean, graphics over gameplay.

Would you say it was stunning, in a visual sense?

Affirmative. :P

It isn’t like the gameplay is terrible, but at first at least, it tends on mediocre, while the graphics and art is superb, so the contrast between the two is notable.

So you feel the testers need to tighten up the gameplay on level 3?

I haven’t tried it yet so just want to clarify: what you describe sounds like standard twin stick controls to me. Is that an accurate description for Ascent or are they doing their own quirky thing?

Standard twin stick as far as I’m concerned! Was just trying to help out others :)

Cool, thanks! I just wanted to make sure I was reading you correctly. Sometimes by this time in the afternoon my eyes are starting to glaze over and my reading comprehension isn’t what it should be. :)

One review said the first few hours were a bit bland but then it gets a lot more fun, for whatever reason.

Looks cool no doubt. They should do what Cloudpunk is doing and just put a life sim inside the game.

Looks better than Cyberpunk 2077 imho. :)

Reviews make it sound a lot like Satellite Reign. That was a really well done cyberpunk aesthetic but the gameplay mechanics left me cold.

It is best to set one’s expectations that this is a twin stick shooter.

I think the jaw dropping environmental design, tone-perfect soundtrack, and all the the little incidental details to discover is creating a disconnect for some where they want it to be a CRPG or immersive sim. Just go in knowing it is a twin stick shooter that happens to occur in a lush cyberpunk aesthetic. I’ve had a great time with it; especially with the Game Pass entry fee. The tutorial or on-ramping portion might be a little long though.

The hack terminal prompt did not appear for me on my first attempt, FWIW.