The Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler Thread

Thanos worships Death. Damn skippy he wants to kill half the universe.

Not in this movie. I think they wisely abandoned that from the comics.

Okay, let me put this another way:

Your argument is that Thanos just wants half the universe gone, but the movie screwed it up by actually showing people dying.

My argument is that Thanos wants to kill half the universe, and the movie supports that by actually showing people dying.

I think you’re reading way too much into the “wouldn’t that be more merciful” dialogue. His children have speeches about “You’re being granted the gift of death” and all that. Thanos gives speeches about the balance between life and death, and tipping the scales one way of another. Over and over, you see them killing people, and he doesn’t appear to be particularly broken up about it. I don’t think he was looking for the gauntlet just so he could find a more merciful way to get rid of people. He wants to kill half the universe. You’re not supposed to empathize with him.

Also: Gamora’s race are known as the Zen-Whoberis. I wonder why they didn’t mention that in the film??

I hear what you’re saying, but the scenes that really brings home what he wants and why are when he explains to Gamora what her world is like now and the later scene where he shows what Titan looked like before. Gamora’s world is a paradise now because of what he did, genocide, and because his own world couldn’t come to terms with overpopulation in his specific way, it was destroyed.

I thought that was an excellent explanation for his motivation, and more than we usually get in any film regarding its villain. I’m sure there are people who will watch this movie and ponder his method and wonder if he’s totally wrong? That’s what makes him so amazing. He even had to kill the one thing he seemed to truly love to be able to bring the balance to the universe he sees as creating paradise. Ending the suffering of some, however indiscriminately, just so the rest could be truly happy.

Yeah, maybe they could’ve done a little more with how the Gauntlet works (in fact, if I have a criticism, it’s that they don’t ever really explain how omnipotent the gauntlet makes him. They just try to show it through his actions. That’s one time I’d have liked them to specifically spell it out for the audience who don’t know), and how that would be a mostly painless disappearance, but I think as it stands it’s a hard thing to show on screen. Instead of snapping and going to a white screen, I would’ve had those people who were erased disappear with the snap? Still, with in happening on multiple planets, that’s going to be something you can’t show easily.

They also would’ve had to find a different place for Doctor Strange to tell Tony it was the only way…

After the movie, my wife said, “This is stupid. You know they’re not going to kill off all those characters. They’re going to bring them back somehow.” And of course my daughter cried seven times and said, “I never want to see any movie ever again!”

The best analogy I can come up with is with Babylon 5, where they would show flash-forwards to characters twenty or thirty years in the future. Fans said, “Now we know who survives, so there’s no more tension about whether or not they’re going to die.” And the creator of the show said, “It’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey. You know they’re going to get there, but you don’t know how, or what the cost will be.”

That’s how I feel about Infinity War: I can’t wait to see how they reverse things, or who lives and who dies. At this point, it could literally be (almost) anyone*.

*(Disney could cancel all their upcoming MCU movies past 2019, but maybe that would be too meta.)

I’m already forgetting who died at the end.


I can’t remember either way on Rhodes and Strange, I think everyone else made it.

Who did I miss or get wrong?

Strange tells Tony it was the only way and becomes ash. Rhodey was ok. He was looking for Falcon as Falcon fell to ash.

Yeah, that’s is just goofy. I skipped over that part when I was explaining Thanos to my wife after the first Avengers post credits.

Yup, I was never a fan of Thanos and/or the Infinity War in comics (up to early nineties when i stopped comic collecting)… it always seemed ripoff of Darkseid . But I thought the movie did really well in interconnecting ALL of the plots and characters and even added Red Skull back into it! The cosmic universe is believable enough… but cmon… controlling time alone is damn powerful enough…or even REALITY. Jeebus comic book logic, so insane.

Movie still is behind Winter Soldier and original Avengers in terms of overall liking it.

Star-Lord calling Thanos Grimace was excellent.

Did Strange really die? I just saw it and I guess immediately forgot!

In any case, as for the future, there are two key players: Strange and Captain Marvel.

Strange because he’s the one who saw the future and knows that giving Thanos the Time Stone was the only way to win, and because of the “it was the only way” quote.

Here’s someone on the official /r/movies thread saying smarter things than me:

Stark wants to destroy the time stone, but Strange is confidant the time stone will save everything. Thanos mocks Strange for using everything he had “except” the time stone… but Strange did use the time stone, just not in a way Thanos considered. Dr Strange pulled a Dumbledore, and will be the ultimate hero of these movies.

Capt Marvel because that’s who Fury calls with his space beeper before he turns into dust in the end credits.

So of course there’s going to be some alternate universe/time travel trickery because the future of Marvel is Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Spiderman, not Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America.

So in Avengers 4 next May I assume those characters get their last moment in the sun as the primary main characters in an Avengers movie and will heroically sacrifice themselves to bring back everyone (or almost everyone) who died.

But you have to marvel and Marvel’s (get it?!) gumption here. What a huge move and I can’t remember ever being this surprised at an ending. Maybe Sixth Sense, but it certainly wasn’t as big.

So between now and the next Avengers when things work themselves out, we get:

Ant Man and the Wasp - side story about stuff happening in the periphery
Captain Marvel - Set in the 1990s, her origin story, where I assume she ends up pulling a Dr. Manhattan and flying off to space or into another universe at the end, only to be called back for Avengers 4

Then things work themselves out in Avengers 4 and we get Spiderman 2 and Guardians 3, among others in 2019 and 2020.

But boy wouldn’t you love to imagine for a second that all those release dates and movie names were fakeouts, those characters really are dead, and in three weeks Marvel announces that Spiderman 2 is really Iron Man 4, Guardians 3 is Captain America 4, etc?

Won’t happen given how much we know about the shooting process and stuff, but that’d be amazing!

Yes. Strange fell to dust (from dust to dust?) just after telling Tony it was the only way.

While it sucks that so many characters are gone for now, I think it’s interesting to look at who is left…

The two Iron Men, Thor, Cap, Rocket, Nebula, Banner, Widow… namely many of the early film folks save the two from the Guardians. We can probably presume that Hawkeye is still around. Obviously Tony and Steve will have to be in the same room together again. That will be great.

Another part of the film I really liked was when Thanos said Stark’s name and that he knew him and talked about their shared level of intelligence. I thought that was a great way of throwing the mirror at Tony after Civil War. Sometimes I think the filmmakers are afraid of going too far into those sorts of subtexts and could elicit even more of that type of contrast between characters and how they arrive at their conclusions but these are big spectacles also, after all.

Yeah, plus real early in the film Thanos says ‘no ressurection this time’ which obviously is a foreshadow of a LITERAL ressurection…just who it will be is kind of obvious. Thor Cap and Iron Man 2 or 3 of those guys are certainly done.

There is NO way they kill off Spiderman already or even 3/4 of Guardians (that would be insane). Some sorta time reverse BUT with Captain Marvel and maybe a few more cosmic characters from Marvel… would be cool to see Silver Surfer, but doubt it.

Alas, Silver Surfer is wrapped up in the FOX movie rights (as part of the Fantastic Four property), which will move back to Disney when/if the merger happens, but not in time for Avengers 4.

This story on MovieWeb seems to have a solid theory on where this is going:

This latest batch of photos from the Avengers 4 set features Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, Paul Rudd as Ant-Man and Mark Ruffalo as Hulk. They all seem like they’re having a good time, but examining the photos closely reveals that there’s quite a bit more going on here than just a few laughs between friends in between takes. For one, Evans is wearing his old Captain America costume from The Avengers. Also, it looks very much like the set is recreating the Battle of New York from the first Avengers movie.

If that’s true, this indicates that time travel is very likely going to be part of Avengers 4. Why else would Ant-Man be hanging out during that battle with Captain America in his old suit? There’s also the matter of some strange devices that the cast is wearing on their hands. It’s been speculated that these could be devices to help keep them connected to the present as they travel through time. They also happen to be similar to devices that the Illuminati wore during issues of Avengers and Secret Avengers in the world of Marvel Comics.

OK, so the remaining Avengers get the gauntlet back somehow, and make mini-gauntlets to allow themselves to travel back in time to…destroy the stones. That’s why they’re remaking the Battle for New York from Avengers 1, and there are also sets from the 1940s.

I imagine some of the Avengers will find that in order to destroy the stones they will have to sacrifice themselves in the process.

That means folks who died at the end of Infinity War would come back, but not those who got killed earlier, like Loki and Heimdal.

If all that is true, I’m already salivating over the possible return of Peggy Carter.

Also… that might mean more Red Skull!

So next year looks like March is Captain Marvel and April will be Avengers 4. yup, already hyped… aw jeez. seems they filmed alot of Avengers 4 already.

Rumor is beginning of Avengers 4 starts FIVE years into the current timeline with half the universe dead… so sad.

So… what’s Thanos been up to since the end of Avengers 1? I assumed he was crafting clever plans to get the Infinity Stones because they were too well protected for him to just walk up and take them. But then in Avengers 3 he just walks up and takes them. All of them. In one day.

My daughter said, “Oh great! So now we get to be sad about everyone who died, and in the next movie, we get to be sad about everyone else who died to save the first people!”

I really hope at least a few of the original Avengers survive the next movie.

Sorry, can you explain this? What does Civil War have to do with it??

I think it means that Loki is really and truly dead.