The Bargain thread for movies

Did a search, didn’t see a relevant one, but this is a combo that is worth starting a new thread for even if I missed an old one.

Monsters Inc and Up 4 disk BluRay together for $37.50 shipped if you use super saver shipping.

Even better, if you look at up now there’s a $10 off on other Disney BD offers available with it. The Monsters, Inc. and Up bundle qualifies for this. Currently in my cart I have Up, Monsters Inc, and Sleeping Beauty all on BD. The standard price it says is $53.97 for this combo. Adding the coupon code DISNEYBD subtracts another $10.

3 Disney BD discs, 2 of which are new releases, for 43.97 is a fantastic deal.

I didn’t know you could stack them. Damn.

Walmart $10 pre-orders for new movies.

Star Trek XI (WS)
Night at The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (WS)
Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince (WS)
Angels & Demons (anamorphic WS)
Four Christmases (WS)
G-Force (WS)
My Sister’s Keeper w/ Digital Copy (WS)
Santa Buddies (WS)
Terminator Salvation (WS)
Julie & Julia (anamorphic WS)

I really want to see ST, Potter and Terminator, but only in Blu-Ray. Still a good deal for non-HD.

50% off Criterion Blu-Rays and DVD movies at Barnes & Noble stores and, plus another 10% off with that membership card they sell. Hey, you can pick up a $40 movie for twenty bucks. The sale lasts for a week, with rumors of week-long sales of HBO box sets and other box sets in the near future.

(in the interest of full disclosure, I admit that I am a register monkey at a b&n. reported.)

There’s also a ton of amazingly great classic and b-movies for sale at Amazon for $5.79 a pop right now:

There are some stinkers and never-rans in there, but The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao? Point Blank with Lee Marvin? Out of the Past, with Robert Mitchum? True Romance? Badlands? If you like movies, there’s at least one guilty or not-so-guilty pleasure on the list.

Young Frankenstein is currently 2 American Dollars on Amazon as part of their Black Friday sale.

Two bucks.

Now you too can sit in as young Dr. Broooski asks his first neurology question!

People still buy movies? I just figured with netflix, streaming on demand, and 10-15 years of accumalating movies you rarely watch more than once, purchasing physical discs was a dying occurance.

Same here. I smelled desperation when movie commercials switched from the sedate “available on DVD” at the end to the xxxtreme-in-yo-face “OWN IT ON DVD!!!”

“Do you have that movie, Johnny?”
“Have it? No, bitch – I OWN that mofo!”

I buy movies. Especially when they’re $2. But not many, and mostly as a lending library.

i tried to convince myself not to buy this and get the dvd at amazon. my resistance was futile (image ganked from cheapassgamer thread).

that’s right: i spent extra on a blu-ray to get the extras and a plastic disc holder.

target has an unadvertised 5 bucks off on this for 24.99. ymmv, not all locations.

Holy shit that is awesome. I’m going today and getting it.

Is there a secret to making it actually be 2 dollars? It’s showing up as $7.99 for me. This is one of the many movies my girlfriend thinks I should watch even though I may have assumed it’s stupid, but for 2 bucks I can get over myself.

It’s no longer available at that price. Amazon cycles it’s Black Friday deals periodically, and Young Frankenstein was cycled. Right now all you can get for $2 is The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Also, if someone mentions a deal and you go to the product’s main page it is still listed at full price. You have to click the Lightning Deal link that appears in the upper right-hand corner to get the sale price.

You CAN get it on VHS for a penny though!

I saw this at target but they only had the DVD version not Blu Ray / sad face.

Pro-Tip, Blue-Ray discs will fit in the coasters too. Buy both, replace the discs and enjoy the awesomeness.

Uh no thanks. I’ll just buy one version.

I missed the DISNEYBD code sale. Anyone know if Amazon’s doing anything similar here soon? Or has another code for discounts on Blu Rays active now?

Amazon has the Blu-ray editions of Gladiator and Braveheart on sale for $9.99 apiece right now. I have no idea how long this will last.