The Biden Presidency is underway.

God damn that is an awesome list of stuff accomplished on day one.

But we need to get a bunch of that stuff enshrined in law instead of executive orders.

I’m in! I hope this is an 8 year thread!

I love that list, also hoping for student loan forgiveness too!

It’s a good list but I think strategically it would have been better to dole these out over x days - basically give Fox News heads fodder to rage on every day until they get numb.

I dunno, it’s kinda Trumpian to do it like this. They can’t shriek about 17 different orders, so they’ll have to pick a couple (hint: it’s going to be Dreamers, the Paris Accord, and that stupid pipeline).

Halle fucking lujah

I think he already stated this would be a ‘no’.

Also remember this is just Day One. He’s going to introduce a path to citizenship bill for 11 million immigrants today or tomorrow too.

Then there’s the improved COVID relief bill they need to get passed.

Let’s not forget about the impeachment trial, too.

It’s going to be a busy couple weeks in congress.

Wait what? Boooo!

Yeah, Biden was cool to student loan forgiveness on the campaign trail. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t sign the bill if it hit his desk, though.

Weird I kept hearing it’s a thing. I hope it is.

Biden’s plan was $10,000 student loan forgiveness for past loan recipients, I believe.

Yeah that’s what I kept hearing. Warren and Sanders wanted $50k, Biden will likely do $10k.

What day do we get the socialism? I’m very excited and can’t wait.

I can’t decide if I’m more excited about the forced abortions, forced gay marriages, or forced hormone therapy!

I believe beginning tomorrow all republicans are hunted down like dogs and castrated.

Do you know when we’re getting our Soros-bucks? I did my duty and voted in four different states and now I have my eyes on a new stand mixer.

What? Scott Adams said we would get to shoot them for sport!

¿Por qué no los tres?