The Black Lives Matter movement



How do we know she wasn’t really trying to cover for sexually assaulting a child’s backpack?



My favorite quote, unfortunately: “Nobody wanna touch your flat ass.”


That woman apologized, sort of, but she is looking into charging the mom or something. Some apology.


Is anyone else watching the PBS documentary “Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise” ?

I caught the 2nd hour of the 1st episode and it was great. One thing that was highlighted that I found interesting is the reverse segregation that is occurring where so many schools are predominantly black. I would hope for a follow-up to see if there is a disparity of those school funding (I’m assuming yes), the income level (mostly poor I’m assuming), college entrances, etc.

Really good coverage of the BLM movement starting with Ferguson, MO.

Fascinating start to the series. I’m going to have to see about how I can watch the entire series.


“Entering your home while black” has been a thing since July.


Discord hates Yahoo, but who doesn’t?



What a crazy story.

Who calls the police for a football game between kids?


I love how her argument eventually hinges on “Then he was rude to me, and said that he wouldn’t even talk to me!”

No one is obligated to be polite to you, lady. Jesus Christ.


But she’s a white field marshall and driving a golf cart! What’s happening to this country? Respect her authority!


There’s the rub. He clearly didn’t know his place, so she called the police.


Why aren’t these assholes being charged for making false calls to 911? The should be charged for this crap instead of making us taxpayers foot the bill for their racism.


I remember when I was a kid they always said calling 911 when it wasn’t an emergency could get you arrested.
Obviously that isn’t the case. Though I’m starting to think it needs to be.


There’s a risk if you make people afraid to call 911. Besides, in this country, I assume they’d only arrest the minorities who called needlessly anyway.


Yeah, this.

Filing a false claim (i.e., lying to the cops about someone) is a crime. Calling 911 about something frivolous can get you scolded, but you don’t really want folks to have to wonder whether calling will get you in trouble or not.

Better to have the cops called on someone for speaking “foreign” than to make minorities wonder whether calling will get them thrown in the clink.



Some of those comments! Clearly, there are a lot of racists in the world, but like many all racists, they don’t believe their racists.


Sadly, sometimes.people holding or expressing a different point of view also get lumped as racists.

Eventually it means calling someone a racist is no longer effective, and it makes racist view get sublimated or expressed in a roundabout or secret way, which means they never get exposed and changed.

I’m not saying that’s what happened here before anyone responds.

I’m talking in big generalities.

Like how in Brexit it’s become almost a knee jerk reaction to believe a brexiteer is a racist regardless.

Ofcourse many/some/a notable amount are, but the discourse that’s developed is
Brexiteers = racist
Remainers = pampered millennials and remoaners.

And that gets us nowhere.

Now in the case of the guy getting the cops called on him for a football match, do we know that was actually racist or just idiotic?

It could be read either way.

In both cases that assistant or whatever she is ought to be removed.