The Black Lives Matter movement


They’re not mutually exclusive.

Hell, they rarely are, but you don’t see white folks calling the cops on each other for this sort of bullshit.


If cops were called everytime parents yelled at the field we’d need to double the size of every force. It’s not common to have them called at all.


Cops rarely get called when parents start swinging fists at each other.


True. This is why when it did make the news that they did come it’s like a twenty person brawl.

There will always be people that will try and throw doubt that this was done because he was black but… This was done because he’s black. Hell at some point she is asked if he has a weapon and she won’t even say no, I didn’t see one.


As a counterpoint, I have seen the cops called on nut-case parents at kids’ games before (just once), and I have have heard people threaten to call the cops many, many times. Involving the cops (as opposed to park or school authorities) is surely uncommon, but I don’t think it’s all that rare in the big cities or suburbs where kids’ sports can be taken ridiculously seriously.

I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if you found that cops were called in more often when there was a minority parent involved, but the one incident that I saw involved a white man.


Well the other thing about this woman is she says she felt threatened …I don’t know about anyone else but when I feel threatened I don’t sprawl out on a golf cart and whip out my cell all relaxed like.


Not really related but I started watching American gods.

I’m. not episode 2 season 1.

Anansi just made his speech.

300mb years of slavery indeed.

Strong stuff.


Another day, another person just trying to live their life and being accosted by entitled assholes.


Well, on the bright side, there seems to be a pretty good job opening there.

Anyway, I would love it if this was given wall to wall coverage on the news and that this woman was used as an lesson to others. If punishment is supposed to be a deterrent, let’s throw every book at her possible as an object lesson to others.


I’m just waiting for the apology, the crying and the I’m not racist spiel that often comes with these. It’s not much of a deterrent since it keeps happening although at least this time she can’t really claim economic anxiety as some sort of bs excuse…


I wonder whether it would be a smart move for her to do any of those things, honestly.

I mean, from the standpoint of being a decent human being, issuing an apology to the ladies she harassed would obviously be the correct thing to do. But it’s pretty clear she’s far from a decent human being.

So from from an entitled douchebag standpoint, what’s her best move here? She’s already lost her job and probably has few if any prospects in Charlotte. She’s now gone nationally viral through the Washington Post. Would a tearful apology and claims of being drunk and “I’m not like that when I’m sober!” help her with getting a new job and living her new life in a new city? Or would it simply extend her fifteen minutes of infamy?

I ask because in my opinion the lady who accused the black child of grabbing her butt did herself no favors when she grudgingly apologized a few days later. She probably should have just slunk away and hoped the storm would blow over.

Mind you, I’m asking from an academic standpoint here. The fact that these racist busybodies are losing their jobs and becoming social pariahs is just fine by me.


Well she had additional problems with that apology. I think she apologize but then continued to claim she needed the police because his parents were threatening her and she might even press charges. It was a hollow apology.

I’m not sure what they’re supposed to do other than be less vile people, but that ship has sailed. Her being in NC and a blonde white woman… she might even get support. Perhaps there is an opening at Fox News!



and the GoFundMe campaign


They just keep crawling out of the woodworks.


Looks like she’s suffering from PBSD though, so she can’t totally be blamed for her actions.

In her letter, Cantwell said she has had “negative” experiences with black people and seeing the child would cause stress.

lt Also looks like this has been a bit of a healing experience for her, so at least this cloud has a silver lining.

When asked whether she regretted her actions, Cantwell told police, “yes and no.”
“I am sorry that it caused so much ruckus, but I feel like I released some anger writing that letter,” she said

I read her note, which was included in the GoFundMe linked in the article. I considered posting it here, but I think 7 instances of the N word is maybe 7 or 8 instances too many for me to post. I do think it’s worth a read though, because it perfectly encapsulates what and how most of her ilk are thinking every time they get scared of somebody different. Now we just need to figure out a way to best exploit and turn these fears to our advantage.


Well maybe if we approached her with tolerance, open arms and tried to find common ground she would suddenly not be the piece of shit that she clearly is… or we try to move as many diverse families into her neighborhood as possible and hope her head explodes.


Well, maybe not if you approached her. But I get what you’re saying. I’m not willing to take that bullet though, I’m related to her (ilk), and that’s close enough for me.

or we try to move as many diverse families into her neighborhood as possible and hope her head explodes.

This is always my favorite solution.


You wouldn’t know that these airlines had problems with this… two years ago and vowed to make changes… nope.


This report is going around a bit in Social Media right now. It’s a delayed response and most of the Social Media posts are not getting all the information so the report which shows not good information seems even worse due to the snippets coming out of mostly Twitter.

Twitter sphere especially is making it sounds like it’s all police activity. It’s not. It’s Portland Gang Enforcement Patrols, so a narrower part of a whole. There is no reason to believe that this problem is at all levels, at least not yet.

The audit compared the rate at which African-Americans were being stopped — that 59 percent figure — to benchmarks the Police Bureau itself has set to look for racial disparities in policing, for example, the percentage of African-American drivers in Portland.

Yeah, that’s Portland, one of the so called liberal centers of Oregon.

in addition.

The audit also questions whether officers on the Gang Enforcement Team have been accurately reporting all of their traffic and pedestrian stops.

The Police Bureau did not have complete data for the Gang Enforcement Team’s 1,300 encounters from 2016. Officers only recorded demographic information for about 800 encounters that were classified as stops.

So they might be under-reporting those numbers, under. The population of African American’s in Portland, according to Census data is 6%.