The Black Lives Matter movement


The headline could have been written better; calling lower home values a “tax” is just inviting argument. But other than that, it’s a good article about how redlining and other restrictions on black home ownership, combined with the focus of development efforts away from black neighborhoods, has caused black-owned homes to be worth significantly less than similar white-owned homes. If you’re interested in more on the topic, I recommend The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein, which I read a while back.

This is one of many ways in which the history of racism in the US contributes to inequality today. These kinds of things are why I don’t buy the “personal responsibility” and “level playing field” arguments that are so often used to limit access to education, social benefits, voting opportunities, etc for African-Americans. (And women, and LGBTQ, and almost all minorities…at varying levels of oppression.) If we really care about fairness, we should be willing to do what we can to make up for past repression and mistreatment that has led to where things stand today.


File this under “Being a Good Samaritan while Black”

Samir Ahmed, 23, was arrested the morning of Nov. 17 outside his home. After safely dropping off his neighbor, who was drunk and repeatedly falling down, Ahmed said he noticed several cars and firetrucks gathered near his driveway.

Someone had called emergency services to aid the drunk man, Montgomery County police told him. Ahmed explained he’d already walked the man home. An officer then asked him for the man’s exact address, and Ahmed was reluctant to share it, telling The Washington Post on Tuesday that he felt the situation had already been resolved.

Ahmed’s family and neighbors are seen in the video gathered outside his home, visibly disturbed as they tell police that he did nothing wrong.
“He helped the man. He helped him!” a neighbor is heard yelling. “Y’all got him detained for absolutely nothing!”
After his arrest, a Montgomery police officer explained to the crowd that another officer speaking with Ahmed had “smelled an odor of marijuana coming from him.”

A yes, the extremely conclusive and convincing “odor of marijuana” as an excuse for a stop and search.

And people wonder why black people are hesitant to talk to police officers.


This is one of the many reasons why marijuana needs to be legalized. It’s criminalization gives cops the ability to just do whatever they want and say they smelled something.


Very much so. “I smelled pot,” is a get out of jail free card for probable cause. It’s bullshit, unprovable and nearly iron-clad.


But the three police officers had no idea that the man was a 22-year police veteran working undercover, whom they beat so badly that he couldn’t eat and lost 20 pounds.




Jesus, the people on that Twitter, demanding warrants and dates. He was a kid, like a literal kid, navigating a system that’s hold for adults and professionals in the fields to navigate. And of course every family knows exactly what to do and is most concerned about keeping records they didn’t know exist and certainly didn’t know to ask for around so they could use it as proof for Twitter years later.

it just another example of it wasn’t recorded so we don’t have to believe which led us to today in the first place.


You have to admit that his story’s a little unbelievable simply because he’s still alive to tell it.


A little too real man.

That story reminds me of the people I know who have been pulled over for DWB. Always an excuse for bullshit like this. And it’s too easy for white America to ignore.


There’s a lot of stuff about that story which is kind of weird. If it’s true, it’s not just an indictment of the cop, but if the entire system wherever that took place. He would almost certainly have a legal case against them.

A judge would have had to approve a search warrant, for…a calculator? And why would they take anything else? That stuff would have had to be listed on the warrant.

It’s totally possible it’s true, and the system wherever it happened was totally fucked up, because we’ve seen that. But it’s also totally possible that some dude on Twitter made up a story.


Well that’s not some dude. it’s a verified account of an activist.

Now I am not saying information can’t be wrong or misunderstood, especially from the memory of someone who was a kid when it happened, but remember how shocked some people were about what’s going with police and the systems that support them in the country, like the footage of encounters that people have stated have been happening for years, for generations, and suddenly it’s true because a pair of eyeballs or a lens captured it… that’s why it kept happening, the instant doubt of the unbelievable, but look at at all those police stories. How many would most of you believe if none of them, not a single one had been recorded or witnessed by someone who was not a person of color. Sometimes the story is unbelievable because they’re unbelievably bad, not because they didn’t happen.


Lars Larson is a big far right radio guy here in Portland. Grade A dipshit.


Some of this stuff just doesn’t make any sense though.

I mean, if the cop was normally stationed at the school, he wouldn’t have been on the team of guys (in riot gear?) that would have served a search warrant… Ignoring the fact that it seems really weird that a judge would approve a no knock warrant for a calculator.

I mean, really, that doesn’t sound like it makes sense to anyone, does it?

I’m all about calling cops on their bullshit trampling of rights, but this seems fishy.


Literally none of that story is hard to believe.


If this was in the Sotputhm don’t forget those cops like to dress up in riot gear or dressed like warhammer zealots just to feel cool. I remember one town where half the group looked like morons with football and box bike gear on to try and look all police mad maxy.


But it is, isn’t it?

A cop who works as a high school getting a no knock search warrant over a calculator? That alone is hard to believe.

But then that cop, himself, being sent to execute the search with a swat team? That too is crazy.

And here’s a thing i learned while trying to figure out who this guy was: his mom is a lawyer. And she’s white. There is NO WAY that this kind of thing could go down against a lawyer without repercussions.

This guy isn’t some poor black kid from the projects. He grew up with money. His dad is a high school band director, and his mom is a successful malpractice lawyer.

Oh the idea of cops being over militarized is definitely not the part which i find hard to believe.


Okay, I admit that part made me laugh, him rolling in all that high school band directed moolah.




Might want to finish reading the sentence.


Yes, you’re totally right, but the band leader stuff was window dressing. And funny.