The Black Lives Matter movement


That wasn’t my first thought, but I don’t watch talk shows.


Can we stop treating children unfairly who wear MAGA hats at political rallies or… you know, just go to school.


To be honest, no kid, white or black should be treated like that by school officials. And I do agree, if it was white kids you can beat the outrage would be greater. I would hope that this probably leads to someone getting fired though.




I remember that one, it was awesome. They bust into the rich white dude’s house with flashbangs and everything, shoot his dog, the works. Meanwhile they call Chappelle’s character to arrange his arrest.


So damn funny.




And the reality of it is spot on right down to shooting the dog who isn’t doing anything.


But of course, this is what everyone wants to focus on.

It’s as if the history is simply rewritten for the moment.



I was afraid that first article was going to basically say no, white people have no chance to understand the black experience. That’s what the blurb seems to indicate. Having read it, I’m glad to see that’s not what she’s saying. It takes work but it can be done; that’s always been my hope when dealing with anyone else, regardless of race or background.


One of these floated in one of my other circles, and I thought the description of the bruise, the way of describing how two people experiencing the same thing can react so differently was well done. Of course there is an assumption that you aware of that bruise to begin with and that might not actually be true; that awareness might not occur until some time later. It’s short though not a book. i am sure a long piece could get into that more.


Yet, over the past decade, the real estate fortunes for African Americans have reversed course. Despite a strengthening economy, including record low unemployment and higher wages for black workers, homeownership levels for that group have dropped incrementally almost every year since 2004.

It fell to 43 percent in 2017, virtually erasing all of the gains made since the passage of the Fair Housing Act in 1968, landmark legislation outlawing housing discrimination.

A study by the group found that real estate discrimination was pervasive in at least a dozen major metropolitan areas, including the District.

African American testers posing as home buyers were often denied information about special incentives that would have made the purchase easier, and were required to produce loan preapproval letters and other documents when whites were not. The alliance also settled a federal fair housing complaint in 2017 alleging that real estate agents in Jackson, Miss., were discriminating against black clients and steering people away from high-value areas and into segregated communities based on race.

There is no such thing as lesser racism, and despite how uncomfortable it might make some, I am not going to be silent about combating that idea.


And by assault, the dog humped her dog, in a dog park.


I’d tend to say that an owner does in fact have some responsibility to keep their dog from humping other dogs.


The dogs were humping each other, according to Huff Post. He also apologized and made the dog stop, but she demanded he leave.


If he got his dog under control, then i don’t see any fault with what he did.

The woman said he kept letting his dog hump hers, but who knows what’s true.


Definitely a police matter /s


I’m sure it required an armed presence to resolve. By the time the police arrive, she’s claiming he’s threatening her, to be clear, not the dog. He of course records whole thing starting from when she calls the police, not really threatening.