The coming 2023 government shutdown

House Republicans are eager to put their hands in the buzzsaw once again, pretending like their very narrow majority gives them a mandate to cut domestic spending.

i find it very unlikely that Biden will offer them any concessions. He was there during Obama’s first term and saw how huge a mistake that was.

So here comes a government shutdown.

I think McCarthy probably suspects that a Governor shutdown will lose Republicans the House in 2024, but I also doubt he can control his caucus. Assuming he is the one tasked with controlling them, that is.

McCarthy will do what Ryan used to - join with the moderate Republicans and Democrats to pass the extensions over the objection of most of the party.

I’ll take that bet. I think he’s weaker and dumber than Ryan and will cave to his right flank as a show of strength.

I think he will do what Trump tells him to do.

So, “Flood the subways! Kill everyone!”

I think it would be a good time for Biden to find that the debt limit is unconstitutional and ignore it. Let the Republicans fight in court for shutting down the government and trashing global markets.

That or repealing the limit would be smart, but Biden likes the debt limit.

The debt limit is dumb, because if cubes wants to limit the debt, they can just… Not vote to spend so much money.

Let the Supreme Court tell you otherwise, then tell them they’re acting unconstitutionally and they can take a hike.

You’ll get impeached, but you won’t get convicted, and you’ll get re-elected.

That, or just mint the coin.

Damned cubes always limiting the debt. Fuck them.

What about the spheres? Will nobody consider the spheres? Bastards!

Hold on to your butts, because we’re headed for another crisis.

But in this case, Republicans probably don’t consider a simple government shutdown an actual crisis, so I think the odds are MUCH higher that they’ll hold their ground and roll the dice.

If I were a betting man, I’d place the odds at a government shutdown this year at 80%. I think hardline Republicans want fresh meat for their voters and are unlikely to agree to anything realistic when it comes to the budget, and they’re the ones who think shutting the government down is totally cool.

I lost a 17% pay raise due to this shutdown already. Getting 0%

Damn, what kind of federal government job was going to give you a 17% pay raise? In my 13 years of federal service my best was maybe 3%.

Was in the union negotiations- CoL adjustment, we were getting underpaid by that much, and a new salary floor was going to be establisher.

we’re contract not employee , so we can be screwed.

We are 100% getting a shutdown.

Gotta love this nugget that just proves Republicans don’t really care about the border.

It includes most of the Secure the Border Act of 2023, a wish list of immigration provisions for GOP hard-liners, with the exception of provisions requiring employers to use E-Verify to check immigration status