The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


I think he and you believe everyone is saying Bush is worse than Trump. That’s not true nor is what is being said by everyone. I asked you to clarify, and you refused. Timex wants to call everyone crazy, talk to him about poor form. He also decided to pretend I don’t exist, so don’t talk to me about how to communicate with people on QT3.


We could try to trace it back to where it started, but I’d rather just welcome the converted with open arms. Some of the best advice my dad ever gave me was to avoid the I Told You So’s and much of this conversation gives off that vibe.


But that’s the point. Trump is clearly a worse person than W, but he’s been a highly ineffective president. W was very effective, and we believe he caused great harm. Greater than Trump has so far. So in a strange way, having a clearly unfit president may cause less harm than 8 years of W.


Trump put children in cages, with the actual intent of it being so inhumane as to frighten immigrants away.

But honestly, even that, while so profoundly immoral to me as to be obscene, is actually secondary to the fact that he could permanently damage or destroy our country.


He’s not converted, he’s the enemy of my enemy. He says so himself. He doesn’t believe in the dem platform, but he’s homeless politically and has correctly ascertained that the GOP is evil, albeit it took Trump to convince him of it, and he still defends the people and policies that led to trump. So yeah, I trust him to help us all get through the trump crisis, but that’s about it.


No, this is not true.


Sometimes I’m tempted to pretend you don’t exist too for these reasons I’m writing about. You say you asked me to clarify but that’s not how it felt when I read your post. I felt challenged and like I was being given a homework assignment. Your subsequent condescending post confirmed my hunch on where you were coming from. It’s distasteful. It’s not hard to be friendly. It’s really rewarding in fact.


You have been defending the gop of the last 30 years and that led to trump in a very clear line. You still don’t see it that way, but you feel free to say that we are the ones who are disconnected from reality. You helped enable trump. Sorry to be the one to break the news.


I don’t defend the entirety of the gop. I was never a social conservative. Even before Trump, I defended the ACA, because I recognized the inherent issues with our medical system.

I think that you believe my political beliefs to be dramatically more simple than they are.


I asked you to please tell me what you think the counter positions are. So you want to tell me how to behave on the forum and then you decide to tell me you are about to ignore me. Look, I don’t think you understand all the positions, and you’re clearly not playing Destiny 2 right now. You are making an assumption about why I asked you what I did, but my position has not changed. I don’t think you actually understand the counter-positions. You can take offense to that if you want or you can send me a nasty personal message like he did, but that doesn’t change anything. I don’t think you understand what everyone is saying, and I asked you, with a please, to to summarize what you think the counter positions are. If you weren’t sure why I asked that, you could have just asked but instead you made a weirdo remark about playing a game you’re not playing.

So again, don’t school me on QT3 etiquette while someone else is calling everyone just like the Trumpists, you know the group of bigots an Nazis.


I wanted and planned to play Destiny 2 but then I got sucked into this drama against my better judgement. Calling me a weirdo and doubling down on the “you don’t understand” condescension is a choice you are free to make.


You didn’t leave me a choice. I keep hearing about stats about Bush and what Trump is doing today, but that’s not the only argument being made. I think it’s a little weird to say you are going to go play a game like you did. And I didn’t actually call you a weirdo, i said you made a weirdo remark. Perhaps you are reading into my comments what you want to see instead of what is being written and getting angry at me over it.


Folks, please don’t fight about me. I got angsty over a view that just didn’t compute in my brain. It’s silly for you two to fight with each other over it.

And Nesrie, I told you, i didn’t mean to insult you or anything. I just don’t like fighting with you, and it always turns into some ugly thing. It’s on me, please don’t take it as an insult.


Okay. I hear ya.

It never ceases to amaze me how she can bring up so many of the same feelings and frustrations I get when arguing in circles with my wife.


Yes, Bush did more harm policywise thusfar, but the potential downside of Trump is far worse.

And there’s another thing. Bush was still playing the democracy game within reasonable bounds. Trump does not care about American democracy at all, and while I find that frightening, what’s more frightening, is that 30% of Americans – the ones who most loudly declare themselves ‘patriots,’ by the way – are totally okay with that.


It’s an undeniably fun mental exercise, trying to determine all this worseness.


Timex being an “enemy of my enemy” or a true convert, or somewhere in between is immaterial. Unless you like purity testing. I think it likely we all share different nuances of views.


I felt compelled to defend that as unnecessarily dismissive. You might not agree with it, but it’s not irrational.


Telling someone you don’t intend to acknowledge their existence, like they don’t belong in the community and should not be apart of it, I have no idea how you think someone would take it.

The fact rrmorton went the same road…

Like what the hell… I don’t even know what to say.

It’s like you guys mark these invisible lines on the ground and decide if I cross it it’s not okay, meanwhile I can watch some of you argue for three days straight but that’s perfectly okay. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t know what you two are expecting but I am who I am.

And I don’t think Bush is worse than Trump, but that’s like saying the wound isn’t as bad as the infection. The infection wouldn’t be there without the wound… that’s my position, not that anyone wanted or cared about clarification on that.


I love my wife so, so much!


Well I am glad to hear it, but we do tend to put up with shit from people we love that we wouldn’t put up with for other people. I am thinking that comparison is not a good thing…