The decline to moral bankruptcy of the GOP


This is why I’m thinking civil war is inevitable, when you’ve sunk this low to win, you’re not going to accept losing at all. They’ll resort to violence when they lose.


She was still the only one who called it as she saw it, but yeah, I wanted an FDR-esque “I welcome their hatred” statement.


Was the Federalist always Breitbart 2.0, or were they once an actual publication interested in actual conservative thought?


Last time we had a civil war, though, the standing army was tiny and a huge chunk of the officer class had Southern loyalties making them defect. Also, the technology was such that as long as you had muskets and officers who knew how to drill, you could field an effective army.

Obviously things are different now. If there were a civil war now, whom would it be between? Where would the U.S. Army come down, and how could any small militias that opposed it have any chance to succeed? (Of course they could raise hell ISIS-style for a few years, but the moment the ‘real’ army decided to take off its kid gloves… game over.)


Nice of you to entertain such an asinine line of thought.



If we assume the Deplorables are one side and Good Guys is the other, the US Army would fight for the Deplorables because they currently control the government. The police would fight for the Deplorables because they currently control the government.

There won’t be a “Civil War” per se, where 2 sides are trading shots and having battles and taking territory. It will be domestic terrorism, mass shootings, bombings and shit. Kinda like what we have now but organized. And it will lead to full-on fascism.

We’re headed there anyway because this country is filled with awful people. What is the logical outcome when two sides can’t agree on anything, and one side forces its will on the other? Violence.


You’d see the worst case scenario- you’d see street fighting and the army shooting each other.
We’d make the Syrians look like Care Bears.

I think we’ll be lucky if we avoid this scenario by 2030.


The logical outcome is a different president. This will happen.


Let’s say in fantasy land Trump is impeached by a Republican congress. We still have 40% of the country being a-ok with Nazis and Pedophiles because they hate you. What can you do about those people? What happens when some evil fuck, who is not an imbecile like Trump, runs with their support?


“God is actually rather pragmatist”

Well yeah, He’s omnipotent, so He can totally get shit done


You assume Deplorables would still be in control. Why would there be a Civil War when they are in control? It will be when they start to lose control that we will be most vulnerable as a nation. When Trump and other GOP folks lose elections and cry foul, when Conservative Media runs with that and whips their spoon-fed ignorant masses into a frenzy, that is when we will face the greatest threat of revolution.

What would a new American Revolution look like? Probably a lot like the escalation of things we’ve already seen in the past decade. Lots of standoffs between armed militia groups and local law enforcement. Lots of marches using intimidation tactics and ending in violence, all under the auspices of free speech. And finally, terror attacks against “leftist” targets like universities, the media and corporations seen as complicit by right wing groups in the “selling of America”. All leading up to a rallying cry to come together and fight the “oppressive government” who wants to take your livelihood away and give it to minorities and immigrants, a call to take back America by force if necessary.

Yes, it’s a depressing and violent vision of a future dystopia, but let’s be realistic : At this point, given what we’ve already seen and heard from the far right, do you really think they will just willingly accept election results that remove their people from power now that they’ve obtained it?


Don’t forget the lynchings and internment camps!


There was an opinion piece talking about this over the summer. In short, they’ve gone full MAGA.


Dear lord. We’re talking about a business man who grabs pussies, weasels his way out of contracts, doesn’t pay his staff properly, abuses visa programs and won’t rent to black people… we have that asshole in office already. We’re talking about a child molester here… someone so far away from morally questionable it’s ridiculous. Oh wait, I forgot, it’s the GOP so women don’t count for anything, only white men…


I don’t think the idea of being a pragmatist is all that far-fetched as you guys are making it sound. Like that lady upthread who was saying she would rather vote for a child molester over voting for someone who would not fight against abortion. I mean, I don’t personally think that way, but I think it’s perfectly valid to weigh those options. If you really do believe that abortion is equivalent to outright murder and that the federal government should outlaw that, then I think it’s a valid ethical choice to vote for someone who will fight for that position even if you find them personally morally suspect.


This is why I think abortion is maybe the biggest force in politics right now. Its opponents have the same self righteousness as the abolitionists of old. They literally believe they are fighting an ongoing American holocaust. What can anything else matter compared to that?


Those people wouldn’t vote for a Democrat regardless. If not abortion then “the gays”, and if not “the gays” then “those people.” etc etc etc.


You mean Pence? He won’t have to run.


Probably, but nothing gives you moral cover like ‘I’m doing it to avert murder!’