The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again

I’ve never found Cassie if that’s the wandering vendor. I’d read that you need to accept a bounty from the guy showing up at random places on the map, but even after that I can’t find her.

Jared/The Snitch pops up at random, but after you talk to him, Cassie then shows up as a shopping cart icon on the map until she moves.

Do you have to successfully complete his bounty before she shows up?

Pretty sure you don’t. I hardly do any bounties and she was my fastest way to up my GS per WT. I remember she sells both a unique AR and pistol, and each was the highest GS of your at-the-time WT. Yes, I bought the same AR from her like 2-3 times.

Even with a beefy system I get intermittent lag like at at 5:45 timestamp. Do you get this?

Once a session I get a running in place where I know it’s network lag.

Well the grenade launcher is not for me as I keep killing myself with it.

Aim farther away. :)

What’s weird is there is no controller remapping for TD2 it seems. I have to use the keyboard temporarily to bring up the emote menu to satisfy that stupid social project.

Funny, I have to use the controller to use the map, since I remapped some of the keys and those interfere with the map keys, so I cannot change difficulty/matchmake from the map.

I’m still wondering about this. Has anyone had issues with changes in Settings not saving?

The parachutes with supplies hanging under them you can find here and there on trees, sides of buildings, etc. - are those a limited number and in set locations? Or are they randomly generated? Want some more dyes. ;)

The seem to refill themselves.

OK, thanks. I haven’t been able to find one for quite some time now, was just wondering.

Lower left corner of the map there are at least 5 in the area.

I’ll go look, thanks.

On PC? I can join if you want , I am sorta bored right now. :P

There’s a hole in the ground construction area that is reused for bounties with an overhanging. It has a crate hanging from it halfway with a “usable” glow outline that I can’t figure out how to loot. Anyone know?

For the orange hanging-parachute-crates, try shooting them. (Apparently they work differently from every other type of container in the game.)

For the orange crates there are at least 30 or so and they are in static locations, there are videos on youtube, best way to know weather you got it or not is if it drops a skin. if it doesn’t you got it earlier at some point. either through the apparel store or through the boxes. These are like any other boxes and respawn daily.
On the setting thing, mine doesn’t save full screen and some other settings. It sucks but ive gotten used to popping in and checking my settings before starting.

man the Invaded Dark Zone is pretty tough…at least for someone of my (lack of) skill…talk about aggressive flanking.