The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again

Super happy that they included accuracy in the stats. Sometime this week I’ll probably respec back into Survivalist, just to see how much impact on my AR accuracy the Sharpshooter tree has.

Has anyone tried the new recalibration yet? Are the old caps on pre-patch recalibrated items still in place or does it go higher now?

Raids … are hard, who would have trough.

Nobody has completed the raid on console yet.

This is a good game, but is kind of like a giant airplane stuck on a jungle with a really bad airport with a dirt track.
Is going to die on the vine, this one.

It needs a couple of come-to-jesus patches like the first one had. I never played TD1 before 1.3, and, from what I hear, I’m glad I didn’t, because TD1 is in my top 10.

Tried the raid for a few hours Thursday night. Banged our head against the first boss for at least 2 hours, then called it a night.

It’s wayyyyy too hard for a first boss in the game’s first raid. Very mechanically dense, and the boss’s aggro mechanic is really dodgy (sometimes he’ll just ignore the person he’s focused on for a few seconds, and I don’t understand why). It’s also very unforgiving if you screw anything up - Boomer will literally full heal if you mess up.

I’m still gobsmacked that they put in the time to create this massive new area, only to create content within it that a tiny fraction of their actual playerbase will ever see or finish - both because of the difficulty, and the lack of matchmaking. Honestly, a less complicated “raid” that could be done with seven other randoms, with a few added mechanics, but nothing quite so unforgiving - basically like a feature-length heroic difficulty mission or something with multiple bosses - would have been a blast.

Instead, I haven’t bothered to try and get in another group since, and I may just be done with the game, despite getting the “Year One” pass (which in this update amounted to two easy, exclusive 10 minute “missions”).

Division 2 was a lot of fun for a while, but Massive have badly fumbled virtually everything about the game post-launch – including last minute cancellations of planned changes TWICE, after outrage from their own players. It feels like they don’t know what they are doing.

Is the raid only to be attempted once you are in WT5? Does it scale if you have less than 8 players?

Thank you folks for beta testing this game until I jump in in 2 years time, when everything will be fine tuned. Just like TD1.

TD1 also has a lot of “are you fucking kidding me” contrived raids, i.e. incursions and resistance. It seems like Massive like to tell people to git gud.

Yes and no. You have to be over GS 490 for the raid, and it doesn’t scale at all on the number of players.

I’m sure they’ll introduce difficulty tiers for raid soon and move the current difficulty to challenging/heroic while simultaneously giving access to the masses, with rewards to match of course.

As for the game overall, I’m still having fun. I haven’t logged in much during the last month but now that we have an event live and new ways to acquire BPs I’m enjoying the grind. Managed to get 17 keys (20+ caches) over the weekend and I’m looking forward to hitting the dailies/weeklies when they reset. The core gameplay is still tons of fan and I already have a new build lined up that I want to test.




Some people who create surveys should be shot. I’d be happy to give them 5-10 minutes to tell them about what I think of The Division 2.

But 30?

lol, 30 minutes.

There’d better be some “premium currency” reward at the end to buy shit in Div2 for that…

Hmm… haven’t played the game in 2 weeks now, wonder if my inventory is still full and a hassle to sift through.

So did anyone beat the new Raid here yet?

Nobody I played with have done so (There’s discord to keep appraised). Think by the time the raid was out, our 50 member clan/unit/w.e. they called it in game had 5-6 active daily players max, so there would never be 8 people to do it. It is a good thing there was 50 member cap on clans, as we had to decline recruits that since joined other clans instead, and we lost touch with them, and I’m guessing they also have a lot fewer active players these days also - so all in all, great success.


Make snow great again! The end of the world doesn’t seem as dire when its not covered in a blanket of death.

I’m probably uninstalling this tonight to free up room on my game SSD. I might go back when Massive releases TU4 and/or fixes the shit they keep constantly re-breaking (e.g. spastic AI, a new, nasty sound bug, weirdnesses with semi-autos, etc.)

Tried it once, didn’t enjoy myself, haven’t tried it again.

I might give it another shot at some point, but I’m not going out of my way to join a group or anything. Massive really pissed into the wind with their decision to make the raid as difficult as it is, and give players no in-game means to group up for it.

A nice big chunk of fresh content… that about 15% of your users will probably ever see the entirety of. Everyone else just gets to keep waiting (or more likely, NOT keep waiting).

Playing Division 2 in two modes, mostly solo, more fun when playing co-op with my brother. I’ve enjoyed it enough to play a LOT, staying up too late. ;) I have some questions that I’ll search this thread for before asking, but I have one I need to know now:

I was fine playing solo up until about level 20. (I’m 22 now.) Suddenly, missions became crazy hard. Example, Lincoln Memorial. I got through the first areas by being patient, using my turrets and cluster seeker mines (love those and cool down is nice and low) but the last area was impossible. I was getting rushed left and right (I usually have no problem with Reds, BTW) and purples and yellow were everywhere, a huge yellow with a flame thrower was running me down, and nothing would take him down (I was using a sniper turret, hitting him with cluster mines, grenades, etc.) and nothing would work. I was getting killed over and over and over to the point it wasn’t fun. I finally got my brother to join me, and we got killed over and over and over, trying different skills, weapons, strategies, etc. Eventually we did win it.

Then last night I hit another mission, don’t remember which one, but there were cranes. I hit the last area and I was being rushed from 4 different directions, bottom line it was overwhelming. Finally once my brother joined me, we sat in the room before going out into the last area, and we got crushed over and over and over (and he’s better at these games than I am, he is a fanatical Destiny player and when I tried playing that with him I was amazed at his ability to run and gun and find cover and kill big bad guys.) We finally decided on a strategy where we opened the doors, sprinted to the right and up a tower than only had one ladder up, one of us defended the flood (including the big yellow guy) trying to get up the ladder while the other tried killing from above, and after a few tries we FINALLY won. I do not think I would have EVER won that level solo.

So here’s the question: How do I change the overall difficulty to Easy? Right now the game, main missions, side missions, are all at Normal. I can tell that, at level 22, there are missions I will never be able to complete in solo and honestly even in two man co-op the game is starting to become a bit of a drudge when we have to replay something 10 times. I see I can change a main mission AFTER we’ve completed it, but that’s no help. But I cannot find an overall difficulty option.

I think normal is the lowest difficulty.

Well, I see that I can highlight a main mission I’ve already completed and change the difficulty to “Story” mode. Story<Normal<Hard

But I don’t want to change the difficulty of missions I’ve completed! I think the reason they added that was to let you go replay a mission at a HARDER level. I want to lower the difficulty.

According to this link, Story difficulty is the initial attempt on your campaign run through, equivalent to Normal. You have to beat each mission on Story before you can change the difficulty, apparently.

Post level 20, as you said the game just seems harder to play solo.

I myself adjusted the difficulty by playing with randoms, most were horrible and none had mic’s. The game sends a set number of enemies at you during each area of a given mission, if its you solo or with 1 friend you are at a severe disadvantage. With 4 people, 2 acting as distractions/bullet sponges the game gets super easy. So get a team of 4 going, and let them attract the aggro and you go for the headshots. ;) Thats what worked well for me level 20 up through entering into World Tier 5.