The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again


Meh. I prefer the Super Collectors Edition with tons of plastic tchotchkes and NO game included.


I’ll go with the standard edition. It seems like for almost every game with a “season pass” or an enhanced edition like this, the DLC will go on sale before all of the content within the season pass is even out.

And since all of the content for The Division 2 is free, even less reason to pay for extra stuff ahead of time.


This has been done several times, I think. Was it Doom? I’m sure it was a Bethsoft thing, maybe. Art books, toys and shit, but no fucking game.


Open Beta is live


So first impressions are generally ok. The armor functionality works well and makes better sense that constant spamming of medkits and healing stations. Loot and levels are basically the same. Base of Operations unlocks the same, but now you have civilian settlements as well, which can also be improved. DC doesn’t appeal to me as much as New York, but that’s probably because I haven’t been there.

However, all the annoying little things are still there. Objects and textures appearing in mid air, server disconnects, dumb AI and high level enemies are just bullet sponges. Finally, the whole mission dynamics with enemy waves waiting patiently behind doors until you find the last bad guy from the previous wave just breaks immersion.

I think I’ll wait until the price drops and the first year content comes out before jumping. Not enough new or better to justify a day one purchase, IMHO.


So I had downloaded and played the private beta a few weeks ago and loaded uPlay yesterday for the preload. Everything looked fine as it appeared to be happy with the private beta already on my system but now it’s downloading again, 13GB… anybody else run into this?


Didn’t do the private beta but I heard the open beta was a bit of a bigger download. Also, even after pre-loading the open beta, I still had to download a sizeable patch and update before playing.


Just decided try the beta and it’s queued. Not entirely sure what that means but I did it thru the Epic games store. Anway, I enjoyed the first one despite never really leveling all that much. But getting in on the ground floor might be nice for a change.

EDIT: Apparently to the Epic store ‘queued’ means ‘downloading’. Ok


This open beta is crash-heavy. Had 4 crash-to-desktops thus far. Hard to enjoy at this rate.


Didn’t experience any crashes today, but ran into some sound bugs that I don’t recall from the closed beta. Like sometimes gun sounds would just disappear, and then sometimes I would continue hearing my assault rifle firing even after I had stopped. Had to fire off another shot or two to get it to stop.


I’m pretty sure I could not have made a better character if they gave me the full creator options.


New York in The Division 1 is, to date, still one of the most incredible examples of accomplishing the “feeling” of a setting, that I’ve ever seen. And it was absolutely gorgeous too.

Those deserted streets with cars everywhere’ garbage bags piled up on sidewalks from when garbage collection stopped; boarded up apartments that had clearly been looted already. Even just the number of buildings you could actually enter, was pretty impressive when you consider the environmental density of the map.

And the Dark Zone was a cool idea, even if I never much liked it in practice. Just going through a quarantine station and being in the game’s PvP, was cool. Did it even have a load screen or anything? I can’t remember.

Just a shame they flubbed the end game content so badly initially, which was ultimately what drove me off the game. That initial end-game strike thing, where you could only survive on the hard difficulty by hiding under the floor in the middle of the room because the NPC damage was so out of whack, was awful. I heard later ones were better, but by then it was too late for me.


open beta is pretty tight. its basically division 1 in DC but with all the newer replayable modes (like area defense) post D1 release. Division 1 is still a really good game now and would recommend it. In fact I’d say both games are comparably even based on open beta. The only additions that are cooler in D2 is the gadgets. Otherwise its all about if you’d prefer something in winter (NY) or summer (DC). As well DC seems to have more natural areas, but still mostly is an urban jungle of block to block shooting.


You can heal health just by staying in cover for x seconds during combat without breaking out of cover. Armor is either abilities or armor mending kits.


The low crotch/skinny jean look makes me want to puke.


For anyone with an AMD card, try the dx12 mode - I get much better performance with it compared to dx11. Seems it’s opposite for nvidia though.


I wish the 3rd person ubigames had first person options and vice versa.


So to get in the open beta you have to buy the game and get a code? Eh, maybe I’ll break down and do so but that’s not really ‘open’ to me. I don’t usually do betas though so subs this is the norm.


No, it should be open to everyone. I don’t have any codes active on PC at the moment (still waiting for one from AMD) but I can still play the beta.

I was however in the closed beta as well because I got an invite from a friend, but that shouldn’t have any effect on open beta.


I have not bought the game and I can play the open beta.