The Dominions 4 Thread of Multiplayer Stabby Stabby Ascension - 2014 Edition

With team names like this, renaming in game must be turned on! I can already see some good god/disciple names coming out of these teams. However, I am glad I am not part of the Pink Robe Initiative…snicker…

Hah, nice teams, sharaleo. I can’t help but start to handicap the betting odds on each while looking at the teams :).

Yeah, I can see that score graphs are less of an issue in a king-of-the-hill style game anyway, since the focus will be more on the ‘hill’ than the points leader (in theory)

Ok, so to confirm, the Grimoire Guild (great name) gets 1st and 6th picks?

Secret Bone Clan, whats that some kind of voyeurs club? :)

It merely means that we are hiding the fact that we are either Death 3 or Growth 3. :)

Why do we have to be Mr Pink?

So who wants to buy some claws? For some reason. I might know a guy who knows a guy.

Pink is recognisable with the cretins. We’re more a shade of salmon.

That’s correct. You also get last pick when it comes to team placement.

Ok, the Grimoire Guild would like to invite MA Pangaea to join our book club.

Promoting literacy amongst Harpies and Minotaurs is a noble goal.

The Furious Titan Coalition take Tien Chi.

Haha, I’m so glad the team names have stuck! I thought they might be a good addition to throw up and generate some team spirit and rivalry!


Added 72 hours

We’re just about ready to pick, we just have a slight time difference here.

PRI drafts MA Vanheim

The DCC picks Eriu.

Apologies for the delay.

The Secret Bone Clan wanted to pick something secretive, but Van and Eriu have already been taken. Thus, we have been angered!! And nobody knows how to be angry more than giants! So we go with Giants! Giants who eat people! NOM NOM NOM ASHDOD!!


fyi - about to send out messages to everyone but injured my left hand badly yesterday so typing speed not so good. Will keep game on pause until then.

The satyrs and revelers have been a little too loud in the Grimoire Guild’s libraries, so to quiet them down a bit we’ve invited folks who are more down, more sullen, more…grim?

Asphodel will be joining us.

hope it’s not as bad as it sounds. all power to that hand

Dropped a heavy weight on it while lifting weights. Not the most clever thing I’ve ever done! Had it xrayed and nothing broken, but its very swollen and not pretty to look at!

Its putting a serious dent in my typing speed, and means I can’t hold an xbox controller either :D

Re. QTAnon, just working on sending the messages now. Typing is sooooo slow…