The Elder Scrolls Online

If you want all the previous content, be sure to get either the Standard or Collector’s edition. The Upgrade versions just gives you the Greymoor expansion alone.

Oh got it, thank you.

Also on Xbox Black Friday Sale for $19.79.

Does this work if I have the Base Game in Steam? Someone in Reddit said that we need to link the Steam account to Zenimax account first, but I have not tried it, so be aware of this when purchasing from GMG.

I saw some reddit post (probably same as you saw) that said they were able to purchase the Greymoor (non-steam) version, link the account, and thus break the dependency on Steam without losing everything.

For anyone that cares, LOTS of places with Greymoor on sale, if you have a preferred vendor.

And you really should, IMO. They really fixed up this game. I’m having an absolute blast, and I was pretty sure I was done with Bethesda RPGs at this point.

I hope Steam will have a Thanksgiving sale. They do that every year, don’t they?

Greymoor is like 18 bucks at some places, though not on sale on Steam. I love going back to ESO every now and then, lots of fun to dabble periodically.

Welp I got Greymoor for $18 and am diving back in, gonna roll a whole new toon, an archer of some kind, as those are my faves.

I have tried numerous times but the autolevleing of content drives me bonkers and away from this game. I realize I’m prolly in the minority here. Has this changed at all?

No, this is still a big feature of the game since the “One Tamriel” overhaul years back. Well, feature to some I suppose…

@BrianRubin - Stamina Warden. Legit bow builds, and you get to make use of the new class you just bought.

Right now I’m in an alt frenzy and can’t even land on a main. I’m trying to create one character that does “all the things” (all story/achievements) and then leave alts for doing more specialized things like healing/tanking/crafting/whatever. I know all classes can be a story character, but that doesn’t help narrow it down. I’m leaning towards magblade I think just so I can have the added benefit of invisibility/thieving. Stamden is also tempting, just cause (mostly because he’s a completely frumpy looking Orc and I think he’s hilarious that way).

I’ll give it a whirl, thanks!

I leveled a warden when they had just been added to the game and it was a blast. I understand the bear has been nerfed a bit but I had a ton of fun with it.

Was thinking of leveling a warden so that’s good to know @Charlatan . I’m only around 550 CP and will probably continue leveling that to 810 first. Just got the Ring of the Pale Order for my StamDK so he went in and soloed Spindleclutch when it came up as an Undaunted pledge. That ring is great for soloing and sadly it will probably get hit with the nerf bat some day.

Everything is autoleveled to be some challenge, but all the rewards are autoleveled too so it doesn’t feel pointless. Also there’s a steep power gain once you hit level 160 and gear up with a set and monster set, which doesn’t take very long.

My ‘feature to some’ statement was in deference to morlac - I’m not bothered by it myself! It is altitis that kills me.

So I started a wood elf warden and my god so far he can shoot arrows as the day is long.

Were bows buffed? I looked at ESO a while ago, and I recall bow was a poor weapon at the time.

Apologies - I was using ‘legit’ as in “class themed”, not necessarily to indicate super meta end game awesome. I think there are end-game builds that can use bow at least on the back bar. I think bow/bow builds are low end of DPS for progression type stuff, but 2h/bow is quite decent.

Yeah currently I have a fire staff and bow and like them both very much.