The Expanse (SyFy)


What the hell happened at the end of this week’s show? Some crazy relativistic time dilation?


Sure looked like they had entered the event horizon of a black hole, though I’m sure that’s probably a wrong explanation.


It’ll likely be explained in the next episode, however, if you want a spoiler from the book, here it is:

The Gate has some sort of speed dampening effect inside of it that prevents anything from moving very fast. That’s why Holden said to slow way down before entering. I can’t remember if the book explains why the dampener exists, though.


It’s so exceedingly difficult to not read the book spoilers in this thread. This season is on fire IMO.


I gave in and read the books after s1/s2. No regrets. It will take a long time to get through all the stuff.

Pretty cool about Miller coming back thought. Doors and corners.


Better with every episode this season. So glad Amazon saved this show.


Was that the same actress playing Julie Mao in the fancy party scene? She looked different.


Looked like the same woman to me. Just cleaned up a bit.


Same actress. Just been a while.


I dropped this in the kindle thread and decided it would be good to post it here as well.
The first book in The Expanse series is available on Kindle ( and I assume the Nook as well ) for $3.99


Anyone else confused by the guy who “cleaned his gun”? I think they were trying to fake us out. I thought he was going to blow the ship up, but that didn’t make sense either because we already have Melba Crackers.


Yeah, I totally thought he was gonna start some shit.
Now I have no idea what the heck happened there at the end in the “nucleus.”


I kinda liked the fake-out. We already had a sabotage pretty recently, so I liked where they went with it.


I am pretty sure Holden got a “History of the Universe in 5 Microts Or Your Money Back”.


Here ya go:

  • Holden gets there first with Miller in tow. Miller tells Holden to complete the circuit of that machine-type-thing, but can’t explain why. Holden wavers.
  • The Martians show up. Bobby tries to convince Holden to give up peacefully. Holden makes a move towards the machine and the Martians open fire.
  • But there’s the “speed limit” in the ring, so the bullets go nowhere.
  • Something in the nucleus “wakes up” and begins forming a shape that seems antagonistic to the Martians. One of the Martians lobs a grenade that explodes and damages the machine in some way.
  • Holden completes the circuit of the machine and is confronted with all kinds of visions. It’s not clear yet what they mean, but at least one is apocalyptic - a beam of some sort hitting a planetary system and apparently destroying it.
  • Meanwhile something happens in the ring that brings everything to a stop.

The book explains what this is, and I imagine it’ll be explained in the next episode, but if you want to spoil yourself, here ya go:

The machine has learned that even things moving very slow can represent a threat, so it has reduced the “speed limit” in the ring effectively to zero.


And the grenade-lobbing Martian pretty much gets drawn, quartered and turned into goo, you forgot that part.

But in the visions part,

It looks like time is reversed somehow and the Venus exploration ship gets put back together, among other things.

Also, just to make sure I understand,

the protomolecule-created jellyfish thing that leaves Venus is the thing that becomes the Ring, correct?


I’m about 1/2 way theough reading Nemesis Games, and frankly, it’s getting kind of boring. Maybe the series is feeling long in the tooth. Any thoughts about the remainder of the book or series of books? At this point, I’m almost ready to bail on it.


You are correct in your question. I don’t think the books ever really explain it other than “space magic.”


BTW - I’m being somewhat careful about spoilers, but do we have an accepted point at which we want to use the /spoiler tag? I feel like as long as it’s like >24 hours after air date then spoilers about the show should be fine, but spoilers about future events in the book should always be tagged.

That’s my opinion.


I think you’re right.

TV: a bit after it airs, discussion is open. As for previews, I don’t care if people discuss them but it confuses me because I never watch them.

Events that already passed in the books? I think it is ok to discuss something that may give more information, but some people may mind. For example, I wouldn’t discuss why Melba has her ability to kill people because that has not been explained in the show. However, quoting some story on how she was treated really badly when she was a 5 year-old should be ok?