The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


One thing that is sad about Spacey is I believe he is very likely the product of horrible abuse himself, from having read a bit about him.

It’s horrible about how these wounds keep harming generation after generation. When we fuck up our kids, they go on to do the same to others.


Louis CK pops up again for another comedy set and does not address the elephant in the room.


The title of that piece might be better written as “performs another surprise set with an audience containing one person who didn’t like it.”

Slightly more in depth piece:

So it seems like there were 2 folks in the audience who didn’t like it, the rest did.

Also, I think it’s cool that the comedy cellar has a policy that if you don’t like an unannounced act, you can leave and your check is on the house.


Fuck this worm. As predicted, he’s sliming his way back into performing without even addressing his shittiness.


I suggest you boycott the Comedy Cellar of your business.


He needs to address this in his sets and not pretend like it didn’t happen, even if it makes them rougher. He’s talented enough to do it with seriousness yet segue into lighter subjects. Otherwise it feels like he’s minimizing in his own mind what he did, and I’m sure it has to feel insulting to those he harassed.


If we’re making a list of things he needs to do, I wouldn’t start there.


No man, he’s a comedian. He’s not obligated to make everything about the mistake he made.

If folks don’t like him, they don’t need to see him. In this case, they had the option to walk out, and not even have to pay for what the drinks and show they had already seen. And virtually everyone there was apparently cool with it except for 2 people.


Fixed it for you :)


I hope you are being sarcastic about that.


If they objected to it, they shouldn’t have gone. The venue already hosted a surprise set from him once. The issue is only important if it’s enough to motivate a real boycott, not just a “let me know what night he’s on” boycott.


Narrator: He’s not.


No, you didn’t. It’s sad that you hero worship of a comedian blinds you to other people’s valid experiences. Please realize that no man’s talent should put him or her above another person or allows them to demean others individual, through word or deed (it’s ironic, because we do expect comedians to pull down politicians and other people of inport, but I think there is a difference between punching up and punching down, and there is a difference between comedy and satire and being cruel).


What does this have to do with CK?


When you mastribate in front of others you are in essence, reducing that person to a sex object, an item to explicitly desires regardless of the other person’s feelings or emotions.

The guy is a jerk and an ass, so it’s not hard to believe that reasonable people think he should just go away, maybe forever.

Comedy is a privilege, not a right.

So what do I mean. CK is a cruel jerk that deserve a bit more time in time out to think about what he did. Maybe a few years. Maybe he should spend some time focusing on his family, like politicians seem to do when they get caught.


What does this even mean?


It means it’s earned.


I mean my position is this:

Louis’ actions should not be career ending, but certainly career threatening. There is a way back for him, but it does require a certain penance to be paid. Now in my personal take an important aspect of Louis coming back is the prerequisite that he deal with the cause of his exile this would demonstrate change. And for me failing to demonstrate penance and change precludes me from supporting said comeback.

If he were to come out and use his platform, his skills, to make amends, to detail his struggle to be better, to in some fashion return what was stolen from his victims? Yeah, I could in theory support such a comeback.

But he has done none of these things. And so it is not only reasonable, but the right of, customers to leave. To not support his comeback.

And if someone’s position is that they don’t want to support his comeback ever? That is also a reasonable position.


With entertainers, that sorts itself out. Either people will pay to see him, or they won’t. Or they’ll actually boycott. The jury is the market.


It’s also up to the clubs that will host him.