The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


I can’t click the links right now, but did they also talk to Louis CK? And if they did, were they alone in the room with him when they did so? And then what happened…


A female in the audience heckled CK when he came on stage at the Comedy Cellar, where he was on stage unannounced. She was booed by the rest of the audience, the bar cleared her tab for free, and asked her to leave. Seems like a fair treatment to me.


Dealing with the likes of that heckler will be good practice for when he’s back to performing paid gigs in front of paying hecklers.


Good for her.

Its creepy what he did, and how he acted. I feel like he hasn’t even tried to make amends for it.


His fans don’t care he did this. It just shows you there is no depth when it comes to people getting what they want so long as they’re not the target of course. They have no risk so they have no empathy.


We spent hours and days discussing this topic, Nesrie, where I demonstrated that he has at least one fan (aka me) who both cares that he did this AND still want to hear his comic voice. I have a lot of empathy. And I’m still conflicted about what happens next.

Reading the first sentence of your post makes me feel like nothing I said registered with you. Like our conversation never happened. (Please note, I’m not talking about changing your mind here, but rather acknowledging the point of view of folks who feel differently.)


I don’t accept the excuses. I think I made that very clear the last time. The difference between someone who wants to hear his voice, wants him on the stage and pays like nothing happened and the people that jeered her is razor thin. Here comes the harassment brigade… at her. But let’s keep talking about poor Louis CK as if the terrible things that happened wasn’t 100% his doing.


A “harassment brigade” of people upset at a heckler?

Okay. I guess emotion gets in the way of reason on this one for you. But it would be pretty cool if you could direct your anger where it belongs (Louis CK) instead of at his fans. Some of whom you even know here on Qt3!


I am not talking about you. I am talking about the people targeting her, online. I assume you’re not part of that group. You’re the one making the other assumption here.

And yes, as a woman, sexual harassment makes me angry. The fact that it took MeToo to even have conversations tells you there are decades, generations of problems here that allowed primarily men to do whatever the hell they want. I am not down with going back to that, no matter how much some guy is liked.


You were? I didn’t pick up on that. I mean, you wrote “His fans don’t care he did this.”


I don’t think his fans, who want him to return to stage now, care enough but the harassment brigade did not include you or likely anyone else on this board. While the brigade probably consists of mostly his fans and just men who hate women, all his fans are not in that brigade.


I for one am downright outraged he hasn’t been branded on the forehead and spent a day in the stocks so that all may know his crimes.


Yeah it’s a real shame, he forced his sexual desires on women without consent, ruined their careers and now people talk about him in such horrible ways. He’s really suffering I’m sure.


How did he ruin their careers? I hadn’t heard about that.


Unlike some of the other MeToo stories, a couple of women were speaking out about Louis CK and Mr. Dave Becky, That’s CK’s manager, contacted their managers because he wanted the women to stop talking about the incidents we know took place because he admitted to them. Mr. Dave Becky is described as being upset because they were being open about what happened ,and he wouldn’t really go much further, initially more on that latter, than saying he didn’t threaten them although he he also couldn’t remember what he said during those conversations. Of course at this point no woman has lied, so we’re supposed to take his word for it but… oh right, he, Becky, apologized later himself and called what he did was wrong and made some weak ass claim that he thought he was protecting Loius’ marriage and not that he was actually getting upset at victims for being victims. These women, of course, because they dared say something, could never submit material to anything Becky was involved with. And of course they’re in that circle of comedy that he is involved with which is how they wound up running into CK to begin with.

These were women in the industry CK worked in, and others tried to silence them even contacted their managers about it… how screwed up is that? And Becky’s company… he has or had more than a few talents and involvement in multiple productions.

These women had lasting damage, personal and professional, years of it. CK’s hardly managed a year, less than a year initially. I guess when you demand attention to the point of forcing it probably feels like torture not to have it for a tiny fraction of time.


Ok, thanks, yes his manager was wrong to do that. I mean, yeah, he was being the guy’s business manager and looking after CK’s interests, but the conversation he needed to have was with CK about CK’s behavior. Fix the problem at the source.

I don’t care if CK ever resumes his career but if he does I’m not interested in seeing him. He’s a bit too pervy for my taste.


I loved this.

I usually think hecklers are awful, and that we should never encourage heckling, but good comedians know what to do with these people. Good venues, like the comedy cellar, know how to deal with this, and they did the right thing.

But congrats to this lady. When places like this let Louis C.K. step on in un-announced, you don’t have much choice but to sit through it. (He is pretty good at that) So, I feel like heckling was a fine option here. The Comedy Cellar has to stop letting Louis on un-announced to workshop material, it isn’t fair to people that genuinely don’t want to see him perform.

From the way she tells it, he jokes about the bad year he had, which is a bit odd, considering the bad year he had was 100% his own damn fault.

“My boyfriend and I were just dead silent. But the rest of the crowd is—it’s thunderous applause, they are loving it, they laugh at all of his jokes,” Randall said. “As I’m sitting there, my heart’s racing. I am seething mad that this, at that point, had ruined my night. I was pissed off that I had to sit there and see someone that I don’t support have a platform like that.”

At some point, Randall said, C.K.'s set took a sexual turn: He started joking about “putting thermometers up your asshole” and “eight-year-old girls thinking about having sex.” He paused to check his notes, the room fell silent, and—after growing “more and more enraged” at C.K.—Randall decided she had to say something.

“I am four feet away from him, and I yell: ‘Get your dick out!’” Randall said. “He looks at me and makes direct eye contact and says, ‘What?’ And I say: ‘Get your fucking dick out.’”

So good.

Still, Randall said, it’d be nice to have a little more of a heads-up before an alleged sexual abuser takes the stage. When a comedian like C.K. plays a surprise gig at the Cellar, Randall said, folks like her can find themselves subjected to “nonconsensual performances”—forced to play audience to someone they don’t want to support.

“If Louis C.K. wants to keep performing, if he wants to give people notice, that’s his right as a human being. Be my guest,” Randall said. “But I want him to know—and that’s why I said what I did—you might take this platform, but it is not going to be a platform that is unobstructed. People are going to say what they have to say to make it hard.”

Exactly. Guy is free to perform for whoever will show up.

Venues are whipping out the big red-headed dick to an unsuspecting audience. Isn’t exactly what got Louis C.K. in trouble in the first place?


It’s quite well known this one venue allows him on unannounced, to the point I assume there are fans going there with hopes of seeing him. The venue even have a policy to buy your tab if you want to leave (again, well messaged in the past).

Why not just boycott the entire establishment, which is obviously supporting him? Isn’t this what is done with other companies whose behavior is condoned?


That’s one way to handle it. I think heckling the comic, and then leaving politely when asked, is perfectly appropriate as well. Particularly if the club is clearing tabs of folks who leave, enough people leaving will cost them enough that they stop inviting him to appear.

Also, and I’m really not trying to be pedantic–I’ve made the exact same mistake before–but “condoned” means the opposite of what you intend here.


That is true, but it can be difficult, they get a lot of tourists that might not know that Louis CK pops in now and then to workshop material.

They do have a decent enough policy in place now (only because the negative media asked them about their policy) but It can be difficult in these clubs. When you are sitting in front and you can’t really leave without making a scene.

With Louis C.K. often times it is just better to look away and let it happen, than make a fuss, he’ll leave when he is done, and you won’t get into trouble for saying anything.