The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


“I’m sorry I suggested that you are an asshole for criticizing the funnyman that I like. I realize now that me voicing an opinion about you is hurty facism.”

Wow, this logic can be used on anything. Popehat’s a genius. And an asshole.


I think even he would agree with that.


Yes, I agree. He can be asshole, not sure about the genius part though.


Sure, but he is also right.
If you punch down, you are an asshole. It can still be funny, but it still makes you an asshole.
And laughing kind of makes you an asshole as well. Maybe not huge asshole but still a bit of an asshole.

My problem is that the scales of Justice haven’t reached equilibrium for CK. I don’t think he has made amends for his actions in any reasonable way. And then, on top of it, he punches down? That doesn’t help the scales balance.


I agree with this. As much as I would like to see Louis CK redeem himself, he has done a horrible job of showing any contrition for the things he did. It says a lot about his true character. At this point I would prefer he just goes away and doesn’t come back.


Next week’s set on the two Guatemalan children that died in US custody should be riveting. Maybe he’s going after the coveted Trump comedy crowd.


This is such a ridiculous thing to be outraged about.
Comedian makes crude joke - shock! facepalm


Probably more ridiculous to be outraged about someone else being annoyed about an asshole.


Must outrage be rationed? Is there some global shortage I’ve not heard about?


I think we live in an outrage culture. Something about the Internet, the endorphin rush of anger and instant gratification but that’s a whole other conversation :)

My problem with this particular outrage is that it’s outrage about someone doing their job.
Cyclist rides bike - shock!
Duck swims in pond - horror!


I believe the fact that Louis CK still gets to do the job that made him a rich man while harassing women is the issue.


Yup, I understand. I think we’re about to go around that circle again so I’ll bow out since I’ve already argued my position ad nauseum :)


One thing that is amusing is how many of the folks complaining about CK are chronically unfunny failed comedians, trying to break into the limelight by complaining about CK.


I think you’re selling outrage about outrage. I mean, if you just call it ‘disapproval’, suddenly it doesn’t sound quite so hysterical. What’s wrong with voicing disapproval?



C.K. starts the set by noting that he’s had a rough time in the 14 months since multiple women came forward accusing him of sexual harassment and misconduct.

As the set continues, C.K. acknowledges that some of his comments will provoke controversy but he stresses he has little to lose.

“What are you going to do, take away my birthday? My life is over. I don’t give a s—,” he said.

Boo boo.


Man, I wish my life was over in the same fashion CK’s. It must be tough having enough money to retire and still have your health.


I agree to some extent, he’s in a good position. But for a lot of people their work is their life. Why does Stephen King continue to write? Why does Warren Buffet go to work every day? I’ve always wondered about people like this.

Anyway, if Louis CK is suffering a bit, he earned it. I have no sympathy for him. Maybe he’s going to turn into a right-wing nut like Gallagher.


He’s not suffering. He’s going after kids who literally saw their classmates blown away. He’s going after a group that has one of the highest suicide rates. All while being a a piece of shit himself. The man is garbage. He didn’t, and he won’t learn anything. He’s a classic abuser and bully.


He’s said that he has to write. That the stuff in his head needs to come out. It keeps him sane.