The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


It’s just another way of him saying that work is an important part of his life.

It’s actually something I worry about somewhat. I am in the third day of a four day weekend off from work and I’m a bit antsy already. I need things to do. Work fills that gap. Not sure what I will do in retirement. I need a plan to keep busy.


That’s so not me. I don’t think I’ll have any difficulty adjusting to retirement, if there’s still a country/world left by the time I get to that age. :)


I would imagine he has suffered acutely in the past year, emotionally/psychologically if not materially/financially. Not to say it wasn’t deserved, but the thing is, even if your suffering is a form of justice, and even if you deserve more suffering, and even if you are suffering less than your victims suffered, it can still be experienced as suffering. Whether anyone should care, needless to say, is another matter.


If Louis CK suffers and nobody gives a fuck, did it really happen?


Is this just an odd way of saying you don’t care if he has suffered? I can’t really parse it any other way.


It’s hard to quantify suffering. Like, if you are a whining bitch, do you suffer more than if you are stoic? If you are of weak mind and body, do you deserve less punishment because you will suffer more?

Anyway, what I’m more concerned about is restitution. What has he done to make up for his errors? What has he done to prevent future incidents from happening?
CK suffering is not necessary, but him showing contrition and making amends is.


I don’t even know what I want the guy to do. I really am not interested in watching his act anymore even if he did make amends. I don’t want him residing in my brain in any way. He’s a perv who abused his position to force his pervy stuff on others. I don’t need him to suffer. I just want him out of my sight.


Maybe you have a point. Maybe I’m just done with CK. He made a few millions, he had his time in the sun. He had more than 15 minutes of fan.

Maybe it’s time to bow out gracefully.


I suspect that anyone who is real upset about this most recent comedy set likely never really liked his stuff before anyway.

And that’s fine… comedy ain’t for everyone.


Well, comedy, or that particular brand of comedy?
Anyway, as Netflix has shown me, there is a lot of comedy out there, even without CK.


I meant that any particular piece of comedy isn’t going to be appealing to everyone.


Well, definitely not true because I used to think he was great. Jokes about Parkland survivors in a world where we get shit on every day by the NRA, Trump, and all that fuckery? Not so funny, especially during his “comeback”.

Maybe he should have a rousing set about the Sandy Hook survivors next.


If people want to see him suffer, you should probably recognize that this stuff has cost him many millions in lost revenue. He’s not going to be a deadbeat on the streets but without this his arc was still going up. He was starting to appear in movies, his comedy specials were on premium cable, he had TV series. He was at the top of stand-up comedy world.

It’s almost like he went to court and had to pay a $10M fine, maybe more.


Sorry, when you still have millions more than I, thats not sufferings.


It’s possible to make tasteless jokes about school shooting survivors or transgender people while also sympathizing with their cause and being on their side. And it’s fine if you don’t agree. It’s not a simplistic world we live in.


Yeah, Louis CK used to be all about being respectful. My mistake.


So your definition is someone hasn’t suffered until they have lost enough money to be placed at your financial level? There may very well be someone with less money than you who might say no, he hasn’t suffered until he has lost more and is like me! All the way down until you find the homeless guy who says nope, not until I see him here, asking me to pass him the bottle. Hasn’t suffered until then!

My point wasn’t that he was chained to the rack and was being whipped, but that this stuff has made him lose a lot of revenue. Some might consider that to be a significant penalty. He’s also lost the esteem of many and engendered quite a bit of enmity with a lot of people. And if he liked working on stage and in front of a camera, he’s lost a lot of that too.


He doesn’t need to lose everything. He doesn’t need to die or wind up homeless… Hell he doesn’t even have to suffer like some sort of atonement by blood ritual. What he needs to do is shut his mouth and listen, and he can’t do it. He can’t handle not being in the spotlight. He can’t handle not being in control, so he goes after the people that had control taken away from them, either by himself, literally, or others.


I’m just happy that he’s still making comedy and it’s pretty good judging from that Variety article. At least he still has a platform where he can perform even if it’s not on TV. I wonder if Kevin Spacey will make the jump to theater or if that will also be denied to him. Whatever else you can say about these guys they have talent. I’d like to continue enjoying their work regardless of their personal lives.


Yes. If someone does something horrible, but despite this, are still better off than the majority of Americans who haven’t done something horrible, than the answer is no, they haven’t suffered. Like, at all. They have just had a slight set back.