The Fall of Harvey Weinstein


I was thinking more that the only way to shut down #metoo, which the Repubicans surely and really want to do, is to have a high-profile case blow up the wrong way. Have a bunch of women accuse… dunno, Rand Paul… some prominent Republican… only to discover that everything they’ve said is a lie. All the people jumping on the Tar-and-Feather train get egg on their face, and #metoo is forced to slow down, and it will then fizzle out and end.

Republicans are going to weaponize #metoo, like they weaponize everything, since they’re operate asymmetrically, that’s a foregone conclusion imo.

Atlhough… maybe not. Maybe i have read this wrong. With so many high profile people in media and entertainment getting pegged - and these disproportionately are liberal leaning persons and industries - maybe they want to keep the #metoo fires burning because they themselves are more fire proof to accusations and they think they can set liberals to sacrificing one another and leaving chaos in their wake. I think they’ll wait and see about the results of the Alabama election before committing to one or another strategy.


Maybe, if there are enough/any GOP No votes or abstentions.

I also got the impression that he still wanted to be examined, and perhaps partially vindicated, by an Ethics Committee investigation.


Good work by WaPo. I recently watched a documentary about Ben Bradlee, WaPo’s legendary editor. I really think that since Jeff Bezo has taken over the Washington Post has been starting to return to their former glory.


Like I’ve said throughout the modern day social mob justice and identity politics nonsense: liberals can sharpen that sword as much as they want, but they can’t choose who picks it up.


I agree 100%. It quickly became a stick with which to beat people with.



This is one of those obvious things that I never thought about in quite that exact context.

To be fair, Franken has enough accusers now that I don’t think we’re talking about zero tolerance anymore. Garrison Keillor remains the sketchiest case.


Weirdly enough, or maybe not, but this works for men but not women.

I’m not sure where i’m at right now with the #metoo thing insofar as it relates to gender and society, but i’m closing on there needing to be different standards for different genders, because it actually does appear women just don’t lie, and this throws the legal standards out of whack because it’s premised on the standards that men hold, because men do lie.

Thankfully it’s not up to me to disentangle all that at the same time as certain portions of the liberal society are rejecting the idea of gender entirely. Hurray for impossible to reconcile world views.


Bartlett’s tweet makes no sense. At minimum, Democrats would have been accused of massive hypocrisy, quite rightly so, had Franken not stepped down.


I fhink Franken’s victims would say otherwise. This isn’t a political game. These issues have lasting affects on real people’s lives and careers. There is a trail of broken careers and lives behind when someone did come out. They’re coming out now because it’s safer to do it. They might not lose their career tomorrow over it.


The reality is, while Franken was competent and popular… there is nothing that he brought to the table which was unique.

It’s not like you can’t find another senator to be competent and represent the same ideals.


Keep your powder dry then


This should surprise no one since they revealed what the sexual harassment policies are there and of course the ridiculous dress codes and sexism in general.


Always good advice.



Arizona GOP rep Trent Franks is done.


Resigning because of sexual harassment claims, I take it?


Apparently seriously suggested to the ladies in his office that one of them have his child.


It’s this it? I thought that he actually got one of them pregnant.


Apparently there was pressure applied to those staffers to be the surrogate mother.


I find it hard to believe that this is all that went down.

He did something worse than this. He wouldn’t have instantly resigned over this.