The Flash (CW)



Also, I loved their interaction around the spaceship.

Barry: Is this a spaceship?!
Kara: pointing excitedly That’s actually MY spaceship.
Barry: I love this Earth.



I really think its a pity they didnt grab Grant Gustin for the movie version of The Flash. He has totally owned the role.


Oh man, we had to pause it there we laughed so hard - she was so excited it was like she’d never seen ice cream before, it was amazing!!


The problem there is the movie version is clearly an entirely different Earth-? or whatever, and Grant would have NOT fit in. He’s really fun to watch be the Flash, for one thing.


I’d be that excited if I got free ice cream from a superhero.


I think I’d be that excited if I just got free ice cream.

The crossover was stupendously adorable. Given how far Arrow has fallen this year, I’m just really, really glad that Flash is still 100% on-point, and this crossover was a great continuation of that :-D


Wha!? What’s wrong with Arrow this season? I’m enjoying it quite a bit.


The false drama with the tombstone is very heavy handed; they’ve sorta blown an awesome villain by dragging him out at every turn and making him seem far less menacing and otherworldly than he did when cloaked in mystery; they’ve stretched about ten episodes’ worth of flashback over the entire season; the fight choreography has taken a nosedive (and on that note, Oliver now routinely gets severely challenged by the kinds of foes he once mowed through and there is very little of the titular arrowing nowadays); and the CW romance crap is far worse than ever. I’ve come to dread scenes with what was once my favorite character (Felicity).

On the flipside, Laurel, Detective Lance, and Diggle are all killing it this season, and the crossover episodes with Constantine and Flash/Legends were pretty great. Aside from that, I’m definitely looking forward to the show less and less with each passing week (and that surprised me after the season got off to such a strong start!).

Sorry for any weird errors or lack of detail–typing on a phone sucks :-)


LOVED the crossover. It was a wonderful counterpoint to the terribad, dark BvS.

It’s a shame they’re on different networks as it would be awesome to have them have seasonal crossovers. But I imagine the bureaucracy between networks would make doing that regularly difficult. Also, Supergirl hasn’t been officially renewed yet. :(

Tonight’s time-travel episode was a lot of fun too, though Barry wasn’t wearing the weird gadget on his chest that trip wasn’t what threw him to Earth-CBS.


It must be the next episode, with the new information from Thawne.


I find it vaguely depressing that Barry has oodles more chemistry with crossover characters (Kara, Felicity) than he does with any of the supposed romantic interests they keep bungling.


I actually miss Patty, I thought she was a cool character and the flopping way she left the show still rankles.

Armando, I can see where you wouldn’t be enjoying the show based on those observations, but except the Arrow getting his butt kicked more often I don’t think those issues are bothering me quite as much. I hope you start feeling the mojo again!


I miss Patty too, a lot, and I’m still mad at Barry for letting her go. Ugh.


They might not even bother putting it on screen. The whole “you must use the tachyons, Barry” bit in the conversation with Wells/Thawne explains why he was wearing the thing on the Supergirl side of things. I hope they do, though, if for no other reason than to see what Cisco has to say afterward when Barry explains to him what happened.

The comic geek in me loves that they’re making use of the speed equation, and that Pied Piper is a good guy now. The Quick family (Johnny in the golden age, and his daughter Jesse) used that equation as their link to the speed force in the comics. Gives me hope that we’ll see a Jesse Quick speedster at some point in this show. And Piper went from bad guy to good friend in the 80/90s Flash comics.


Regarding the Supergirl/Flash crossover episode, I’m surprised no one mentioned the Cat Grant CW slam. Nice to see networks making fun of each other. Very cute episode.


I am amazed how much more fun the small screen is these days compared to the big screen. I am curious if anything else changed in Barry’s run.


Well, The Flash certainly is not feeling the dreaded sophomore slump. Season 2 has been every bit as good as 1. Enjoyed the cross over event. The scene with the ice cream was great. Melissa Benoist sold that scene perfectly. I am looking forward to seeing how they wrap up the Zoom situation, he has been a great menace for Barry. His comeuppance should be epic.


What, you only read this thread? We have others. :)


So we just watched last night’s episode.

They really need to rename this show, “God dammit, Barry.”


Yellow Flash/Wells facepalm in the background during the scene where the two Barry’s meet is priceless.