The Flash (CW)


I think they felt Barry needed an easy win. One where he outsmarted and wrapped up the villain quick. Hes been taking some serious lumps lately and needed a break. I saw the Zoom reveal coming a mile away but them they telegraphed it strongly in the past few episodes. They did a pretty good job, especially for TV, with the King Shark CGI. I got a good chuckle when Cisco and Diggle discussed the new helmet. “It could use some improvements” was a funny meta line as the helmet look took a lot of flack from the fans, when it was introduced. Im thinking Diggles getting an upgrade.


Man, fabulous episode this week–I’m definitely digging the season more and more as it gets deeper (and I never disliked it to begin with, sooo).

My theory: we’re going to see a genuine multiverse, and this Jay is one of a lot–perhaps, say, 52? He’s been traveling Earth to Earth, murdering his counterparts one by one to steal their speed (when the resident Jay is the Flash of a given universe). Mask-dude is probably a speedless Jay from some universe.

Alternate theory (that I think some people here kinda touched on): Jay has been diffused or separated somehow; not all parts of him are necessarily aware of this. Multiple personality syndrome on a physical scale. One of them genuinely dying could have. . . effects.


I had the same idea, but then I realized it doesn’t really tally with what Zoom said at the end. If hes just grabbed yet another Jay, why is it a complication? That seems to suggest Zoom has some connection to this Jay. The obvious one is time travel I guess, Zoom is a future version of Jay (maybe the result of velocity-9) maybe.


I like the idea that Zoom is a future version of Jay driven mad by experimenting with the Velocity formula.


Some minor details about the Supergirl crossover have been posted. Don’t click if you want to be totally surprised on March 28!


I had no idea Cisco had his own blog until I ran across a FB post about it.


Haha, that’s great. Man, everytime you guys bump this thread I think it’s back on the air after the hiatus >.>


So I just watched the most recent episode, and I’m confused. They don’t seem to explain how he shows up on Supergirl.


Apparently they are going to explain it on tomorrow’s Flash episode. Because timey wimey etc.


Oh god dammit. Fine. They’re lucky I love this show so much.


Eh, they’re traveling between universes, a little time-shift in the process is a minor price to pay.


They actually asked for some audience forgiveness on this, since Supergirl airs earlier than Flash, but tonight’s episode will call back to the events that just happened, so it should work out. When asked, the producers said the correct order to watch it is Supergirl first, so it’s all good.


The crossover was adorkable. Totally fun, loved it, was sad when it was over.


Now I have to find out where I can watch Supergirl, since CBS isn’t on Hulu.


You can watch on -


It had Supergirl, by definition it was adorkable.


Well yes, but her chemistry with Grant Gustin made it even MORESO. They were just so CUTE.


Ok, you got me there. I haven’t watched any of The Flash (my wife has, but is a few weeks behind), and they were indeed super cute.

I think they seriously are working on weaponizing charming smiles in the crossover.


Her reaction when she gets the superspeed ice cream, amirite?


This. Allthough I fell asleep after the first 30 minute so I’ll have to finish it off this evening. But superspeed ice cream reaction was the best.