~The Game Pass Thread~


Stusser really using the big character limit in the forums…

The 3DO gamepass just added Night Trap.

TurboGrafx-16 is indubitably the funniest console to reference.

Well, other than the Ouya.

I actually had a 3DO. Looking back I was way more spoiled than I realized. ;) Road Rash was awesome on that.

Crazy it took them that long to figure out such an obvious name.

Have you seen their naming conventions for the consoles? I get confused and I’m the target audience. :)

Never forget!

Then they’d have to make it a Multi Pass

I’ve been calling it PC Gamepass all along on my blog in my head. I appreciate Microsoft changing the official name to align with my perspective.

Maybe one day I will understand what Ultimate is.

Ultimate = PC Game Pass + Xbox Game Pass + Xbox Cloud Gaming + Xbox Live Gold + EA Play :-)

GamePass PC includes EA Play though.

They’re doing another $1 for three months deal, so I’m subscribed again.

Just saw your edit in the OP, please feel free to rename it to whatever you want, it’s your thread!

I just bought 3 months on sale, but luckily haven’t used the code yet since I wanted to play Inscryption first. How do they keep getting away with this?!

I can’t tell how long this promo lasts so I better not wait too long.

Raf Colantonio’s Weird West coming to GP on day one. This pleases me.

Ok, $1 for 3 months without faffing around with conversion loopholes is good enough to give PC Game Pass another try! Maybe it’ll stick this time, even though the only games I know I’ll play are Forgotten City and Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Are there any sites that allow filtering for the current Game Pass inventory by e.g. release year or review scores?

There’s a decent spreadsheet, Should have what you need Game Pass Master List - Google Sheets