The Good Place...


I think it’s stronger then Better Off Ted.

One could say it’s… Better WITH Ted.


I don’t think anything from the past 20 years is better than Better Off Ted. The closest I can think of is Happy Endings. The Good Place is definitely in the top 10 though.


Been waiting for this news all summer - season 2 is now up on Netflix.


Excellent, season two is batshirt, y’all will love it.


Hasn’t it been up for a long time now?

Season 3 is the one I thought we’re all waiting for on Netflix…


Season 3 starts in a week or so.


In Europe, yes. Like Better Call Saul, it’s a show that Netflix airs internationally soon after the US broadcast (though not quite as soon as BCS), but it doesn’t go up on Netflix US until just before the start of the next season.


Nah, a month: September 27th



Oh yeah, I found this out later - I was using a chart in another thread and didn’t realize that chart had Sep and Oct on it, so it looked at a glance like early September. Probably for the best, I’m trying to get my son to binge the first two seasons with me so we can watch the new season together!


Play it cool, don’t tell him there’s a twist or not to look up spoilers or to pay attention or he’ll get suspicious and figure it out the first 5 minutes.


Yep! Got it covered, but it’s been tough. He doesn’t know much bout it other than “people behind Parks and Rec” made it, which was enough to get him curious, but now it’s a matter of him making time for me, now that school’s back on.


Returning tonight!


Apparently, they released an extension for Chrome that turns Google into Ask Janet, does replacement of curse words with their Good Place equivalent, replaces the up/down vote in You Tube to Good Place/Bad Place, and a few other things.

I don’t use Chrome, but thought I’d pass it along for those who do.


Oh my - this is fucking amazing.

(I see the above as “forking” btw but I typed it out correctly)



I’m less than 10 min in and totally loving this!


I’m thoroughly dissapointed…

I binged the last two seasons inside a single week. Why do I have to wait another week for the next episode??

Ps I’m glad I watched the season 3 recap on Netflix before watching. Is completely forgotten that

They ended up back on earth and that Eleanor and Chidi ended up meeting in his office. I thought it finished with them about to go into the portals possibly to the good place etc.


I found out today that The Good Place is back on! So I used Plex to watch it from NBC’s website.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know that the first episode was a double episode. I had time to watch the first one, and a little bit of the second one, but then I really did have to stop and get ready for work.

Excellent start to the season in Chapter 27! And Chapter 28 looked promising as well.


I just want to reiterate that everyone on the show is amazing but Manny Jacinto is the MVP in my opinion. He cracks me up every single time he says anything.


My thoughts have changed a little bit from the season two premiere, but I still don’t seem to like The Good Place as much as everyone else.

A lot of season two and season three so far move like a heavily serialized show—the situation keeps shifting, the rules keep changing, and consequently there’s a lot of exposition and explanation every week.

That would be fine if it was building on what came before each time, but instead it seems to blow up the status quo every episode or two as well. It’s hard to get invested in any particular plan or problem from week to week, but they’re still using a big chunk of each episode moving pieces into position for the next crisis.

It’s almost taking the serialized story-telling and the conventional “everything’s back to normal in 30 minutes” sitcom format, combining them, and ending up with just the worst of both formats.

I like The Good Place, it really can be hilarious, but I’m always surprised I don’t hear more people questioning this structure.


You guys have been listening to the podcast too, right? It’s so great.

We’re two eps behind but will get caught up tonight.